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Defenses and diet

Good immunity is above gold. Where weaker individuals immediately lie down with the flu or other infectious diseases, the bearer of good immunity bed of roses.

Quality their defense of the organism against bad external influences to some extent innate. It is much influenced by the environment in which you grow up. Vypulírovaný little flat with sterile floors, from which you can eat, including a certain age means that defenses under vytrénuje.

Sport and diet for better immunity ...

However, immunity lot to do with how healthy your body is feeling. It is clear that athletes have much better defenses than zápecníci. In addition to motion, hardening and psyche to a significant extent, also involved in food. What we eat, our body is very important. The ancient Indians knew the effect of diet on the prevention or development of certain diseases. Also elaborate system of preventive dietary measures.

A healthy diet is basically very simple. Important is the variety and plenty of fresh vegetables. There is no better time for a change in eating habits than right now. The markets are beginning to show a lot of fresh vegetables from local sources and, therefore, at reasonable prices. If you want a change of lifestyle, such as eating habits reassessment, to show your immunity, you need to start early before the next winter.

A few principles of healthy eating ...

If you are more of the following rules, you will see that your body will feel much better. And it should be reflected in lower morbidity in the next flu season.
Do not overeat.'s Better to eat several times a day in small portions, than starve all day and then sprásknout proper dinner, after which hour you can not move.
Treat yourself to a lot of vegetables and fruits. Contain vitamins and fiber, and believe that they are very good. In addition, fill you up, but yet contains enough water that has no contribution to the energy, and thus will not lead to weight gain. Fresh or frozen vegetables are at least better than canned or stewed.
Try new things and do not consume the same thing. Variety is healthy and bored. • Limit in the consumption of fats and sweets. Prefer to use vegetable fats (such as olive, sunflower), a fat mass rather avoid sweets and eat in moderation. Sweets often contain excess sugar and fat at the same time, so their energy content is huge!
Prefer fresh ingredients and eat as little food fried in oil. Meat may be to eat every day. Eat mainly lean meat, fish and chicken instead. Boiled pork or bacon here and there to give you, but only in moderation. Meat is not the only source of protein - enough protein can be drawn from soy products (tofu), beans, peas or beans fávových. The protein contained in dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, cheese, etc.).
You do not always have to necessarily mass attachment. • Limit dumplings and potatoes, and try to be as an attachment only vegetables. Is good to do here and there to eat a vegetable salad.
Eat regularly and without haste. Nehltejte and Enjoy.

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