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Want to lose weight? We have guaranteed tips!

There was a time when thinking about how to be in the new year better, healthier, more powerful and smarter. Often we want everything at once, and from January 1 "start eating healthy" and "finally" Slim.

Sometimes the requirements and changes a lot, so subsequently lose in excess of good intentions, and in February we end with all the effort. How can this succeed? First, consider the pros and cons that you lifestyle change will bring. Outweigh the pros? Well, you are sufficiently convinced of the usefulness of the work.
"The success is because WANT ALONE - not because the doctor encourages us to lost weight," says Dr.. Carolina Hlavatá, Ph.D. a campaign to promote milk and milk products plus White. "In the second step, determine how much you want to lose weight - be realistic here - and what should be a weekly weight loss. regarded as the optimum is 0.5-1 kg / week. '

Are you serious? Without my notebook it does not

Get a notebook and write down in it to everything you eat and drink. "Records of food intake are invaluable. A journal and write down your feelings, why now no longer sit and eat chocolate, "says an expert." Do you know if your eating behavior and impulses to eat, the better you will be working. Finally, do not forget to increase motivation - Keep track of weight loss, measure your waist, hips and enjoy success. This is related to the remuneration, which you dopřávejte abundantly. "
But beware not to not reward bar of chocolate! Optimal "personal pampering" refers to routine care of themselves, access to each other. Example indulge neck massage, buy yourself something nice for yourself, or take the time to book, to which you have not received for several years.

What, then, with the diet?

Here are some suggestions on how to modify your diet to weight went down and we were mostly healthier and happier.
1) Eat regularly - Wear your meals to work in the morning having breakfast and afternoon snack.
2) Eat brightly.
3) Bread and attachments from your diet override only limit the number of servings per day (1 serving is 1 piece of bread, slice of bread, rice scoop, 2 dumplings, eat servings per day on average 4-5)
4) Dairy eat at least 2-3 times a day, you not only abundant proteins (well nourished and protects against loss of lean mass), but also calcium, which helps weight loss.
5) Eat lots of vegetables - no matter whether raw, steamed or pickled. Lots of vegetables cook it ochucujte spices or herbs, whether you like it.
6) Fruit eat more than 2-3 pieces per day, and juices are tricky.
7) Zařazujte lot of protein. A day you should take at least 1.2 g protein / kg body weight / day. Sources of protein are mainly meat, fish, dairy products, cheese, eggs, legumes. Just watch the fat content of food collected. Foods rich in protein are often a source of fat, so always lean meat, dairy products, less fat (yogurt, skimmed curd, cheese 30% fat in dry matter, natural cheeses).
8) Ensure drinks - the best is ordinary water and tea. Do not exclude coffee, you just have harmonized and nepopíjejte with cream.
9) Do not overdo it with alcohol and, if possible, avoid smoked (good ham with more than 90% of the meat). Indulge in sweets, but rather on the basis of cheesecakes desserts, chocolate with a higher cocoa or fruit desserts.
Finally, the Council: "If everything is not going to do well, as you imagine, do not despair. The main thing is that you are doing something for themselves and each change for the better counts. Patience pays off, "adds Dr.. Carolina Hlavatá, Ph.D. a campaign to promote milk and milk products plus White. More on

Author: Šárka Pelcová

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