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About mouse and bear

About mouse and bear The story of an extraordinary friendship between bear and mouse. Animated family film was this year with success at the International Film Festival in Cannes, where the section Directors' Fortnight won SACD - for the best French language film.

In the ordinary world, bear bears serious and frown. Bear Ernest is different. Is a musician, I would be happy, but it is poor and often hungry. In search of something to eat, catch a small mouse Celestina, who ran away from his subterranean world of mouse. To Celestina ended in Ernest empty stomach, closes deal with him. When her dream, and showed him where he can get lots of chocolate, sweets and the best sweets.

Neither of them have no idea that they get to the track so greedy bear spouses who who do extra job by deliberately spoiling candy bear children teeth.
What started bručounským between Ernest and Celestine as mere discursive agreement nebovyklé friendship grows in spite of all the differences often become inseparable.
To discover a large plot of candy, they will need help from the mouse and the bear world. Can they overcome the prejudices of others and befriend both worlds?

The fact is you along with your children see in Czech cinemas from 17 January 2013. The Czech dubbing with care: Ladislav Zupanic, Anna Nemčoková, Radana Herrmann, Jiri Plachy, Daniela Bartáková, Zdenek Mahdal, Bohdan Tuma and more ....


Source: DL - BIOSCOP

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