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See and be seen

See and be seen See and be seen, it is a basic rule that should keep every walker and cyclist. Especially in this period, when the visibility is impaired. Drivers of vehicles are required to use the light, but what about pedestrians? They should in any case to use reflective elements. They can even save the life of his life drivers.

In 2011, the number of accidents killed 156 pedestrians. Of this number were killed in the night 92 persons, which is 18 more than the previous year. International experience has shown that approximately ten percent of pedestrians would live if they were wearing reflective materials. "Reflective elements for low visibility may reduce participation pedestrian fatal crash at up to 10x. Therefore it is very important that pedestrians and cyclists using reflective elements which clearly improve road safety, "says Head of Road Safety Roman Budský. That such elements have their justification, they know in Estonia. While there were in 1999, 47 pedestrians were killed in 2010, only 7! Certainly contributed to the fact that during this period must wear reflective materials.

Estonia is not in Europe only. This obligation applies to pedestrians such as in the Scandinavian countries, Spain, and the neighbors next to the Slovak Republic. According to the director of traffic police Leos Tržil such an obligation would be the case for us. "Statistics clearly show that each year die unnecessarily few pedestrians on the road, just because they were not sufficiently visible. I, therefore, is an attempt to change the traffic police Road Traffic Act so that this obligation has been accepted in our country, "said Leos Tržil.

The issue of visibility of pedestrians and cyclists in the long term dedicated Road Safety and traffic police. The new traffic safety program BESIPKY was broadcast on Czech TV episode dedicated to this issue. In November 2012 was also launched a 14-day radio contest on the radio Hey providing information about the importance of reflective elements for pedestrians and cyclists in poor visibility. Prevention is also dedicated to Health Insurance and the Ministry of Interior. The same as last year (2012 - ed. Red.) To support actions to increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on the road. "We believe that 6000 reflective tape that we provided traffic policemen, and they shall give pedestrians and cyclists, contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents and even save lives, "said the spokeswoman Hana Kadečková insurance.

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Source: tz (of 27 11th 2012)

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