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7 vices that contribute to back pain

Frequent reasons for doctor visits are back pain. Their trigger is often everyday "insignificant" things that we would never say could cause painful pain in the locomotory system. So what do we have to be careful about? With the head of the rehabilitation institute MUDr. Michaelou Toman brings frequent transgressions that threaten a healthy musculoskeletal system.

We look bad on television
Sometimes we spend a lot of time on TV, so it's important to know how to sit best with it. Very important is frequent change of position to avoid overload of muscle groups. Changing the seating position leads to their stretching and relaxation, not just to the muscles but also to the ligaments. It is also appropriate to intersect the seating positions with relief positions. If you sit upright, your back should be firmly supported. For people with movement problems, higher seats with a lower depth are appropriate. Equally important is the height of the legs, which must be sufficient to serve as a suitable support.

We often use mobiles and tablets

If we have to work with a mobile or tablet every day, and do not want to have muscles of the "iPad Shoulder" and "Text Neck", it is advantageous to use the entire length of the back of the chair back, possibly use a relaxing position and lean your head. In order not to overload the arms and arms while holding the device, it is important to lean your hands, for example, with a fuselage or table. If we work with a tablet, we can use the stand and device in our hands at all. At home or elsewhere, where we can relax in the seat, then we try to put the tablet on the legs or pillows.

We do not sit properly on a laptop
To help keep your back on working with laptops, it's important to learn how to sit properly. "When working with laptops, it's good to use dynamic position changes and relieving positions where the muscles stretch and relax. Keep your legs wide-legged when sitting, your thighs may be at a slight downward angle. Stand in your chair so your feet touch the ground. Also, try to keep your head in a lesser bow and not look at the monitor down but as far ahead as possible. In order to alleviate the imbalance, it is important to carry out the so-called repaired exercises that the spine and motion system gradually return to the optimum, " says MUDr. Toman.

We stress unnecessarily

Body and mind are more connected than it seems. The vegetative nervous system, which controls most of the subconscious processes, plays a key role in this. If we are stressed or if we are afraid of anything, the nervous system automatically responds to increased muscle tension. Long-term psychological stress or unresolved mental problems can then be manifested by repeated spinal pains, especially in the area of ​​the cervical spine and shoulders.

The power of the air conditioning is detrimental
The most disruptive parts of air conditioning are the cervical spine, shoulder area, lumbar spine and crosstalk. Cold air should not blow directly on the body, otherwise there is a risk of strangulation of, for example, neck or facial muscles. Excessive cold can also cause headache. Problems with the cervical spine may also cause pain in the entire upper limb, causing the so-called cervicobrachial or cervicocranial syndrome. In general, air conditioning should not be set to a greater than 4 to 5 oC difference from the outside temperature. The air flow should be directed upward or outdoors.

Bad pillow
It is well known that the choice of a quality mattress is in the care of the muscular apparatus, but the choice of a suitable pillow is also important. "It serves as a support for the cervical spine, prevents its disproportionate deflection and fixes it as far as possible. If you like to sleep on your stomach, choose a softer and lower pillow to keep your spine off too much. If he prefers sleep on his side or back, it is good to get a higher, medium soft or harder pillow. If you belong to people who often change positions during sleep, choose a flexible flexible cushion, " explains Michaela Tomanová.

We wear an inappropriate bra
Problems with spine or shoulder pain can also be caused by choosing an inappropriate brassiere, especially for women with larger busts. It is important that the weight of the bust does not lie solely on the shoulder straps, but is mostly held by the bottom piece of bra. It is also very important to take care of the sufficient width of the bra straps, which partially breaks the pressure on the shoulders. The shoulder straps should not be trimmed or shrunk to avoid increased pressure on just one shoulder.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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