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Watch out for the school!

On Monday, September 4, children return to school benches after two months off. A carefree holiday full of concentration experiences and the attention of children to a return to ever more demanding traffic is diminishing. In the first days of the new school year, we must count on the increased risk of an accident.

Over the past year, 13 children died as a result of traffic accidents, and another 141 were seriously injured. "But in 2016 there was no child killed in the Czech Republic in September, but 19 children were seriously injured in September 2016, which was the most with the month of June! It is therefore very likely that motorists are also aware of the increased risk, and exercise caution during this period, " adds Martin Farář, Head of the Department of Transport at BESIP.

In the past 7 months of 2017, 5 children were seriously injured and 70 children were seriously injured!

Children in transport

A child about 11-12 years old is much more vulnerable to pedestrian than adult. Above all, because he does not have enough experience, he responds more slowly, he has a limited field of vision. Can not analyze multiple factors at a time, do not think in abstract terms. Much worse estimates the speed and distance of arriving vehicles. If he can not make quick choices, he often acts abruptly. The view is also reduced by lower body height, which makes it impossible to see through parked cars.

Traffic education takes place in kindergartens, but parents should, in particular, repeat all the rules for crossing and prepare the safest route in advance. You can use the first common ways to go to school to alert you to dangerous places. Little schoolchildren usually know the most basic rules, but they need to help with their practical use. Children know that ZEBRA is a crossing, but it is always good to remember that even this place is not 100% safe. We can more easily explain to older children that there is no absolute priority on pedestrian crossings, and caution is needed here. Family education is irreplaceable in many respects, and it is not just the passing of knowledge, but it is a good example. Parents and other loved ones may not even realize how strongly their behavior influences the child's thoughts and follow-up.

Do they know this driver?

Drivers of motor vehicles are near the school or places where there is an increased risk of running children on the road, alerted by vertical and horizontal road signs. Behind the bus labeled "Children's bus symbol " , which stopped at the marked stop, the driver of another vehicle must stop the vehicle. Continue driving after the bus leaves the stop. Drivers of anti-traffic vehicles must take into account the possibility for children to run on the road and adapt the ride in such a way that children are not endangered. "From the point of view of the motor vehicle driver, the good visibility of the child is also not negligible. The clothing, backpack, or backpack is a very good helper with reflective elements. Increased caution should be taken by drivers in the more demanding period of return to school, " reminds the Parson.

Child traffic education - cyclists

September and often even October offer many nice sunny days in which children ride a bicycle. Under the Road Traffic Act, a child over the age of 10 can travel on the road without the supervision of an elderly person. The duty to pay increased caution, particularly to children, should certainly not be forgotten by the driver and, in particular, motor vehicle drivers.

Cyclists must adhere to established rules as any driver. Traffic education, which is very good in the Czech Republic, is very helpful for children. "The standard of basic education based on the curriculum provides for the inclusion of traffic education in different subjects (eg first-year education, health education, family education, physical education) in different years so that the pupils master the basic rules for pedestrians no later than the third class And from the fourth class the basic rules for cyclists, " explains the Farrer.

Practical training in the safety of the playground for children provides enough knowledge, skills and information for safe cycling. There are more than 160 playgrounds in our territory. So we have one of Europe's most developed network of playgrounds.

Moreover, every year in the spring months there is a nationwide Transport Competition for young cyclists, which together with other bodies is announced by the Ministry of Transport - BESIP. The competition proceeds from the basic rounds of competitions through regional bikes to the Republic Finals. This year was held in South Tábor in mid-June and again it turned out that children aged 10-12 years old and older (13-16 years old) have very good knowledge of road traffic. The winning four-member team in the younger pupils category will then advance to the European Traffic Education Contest (ETEC) European Final. In 2016 the Czech Republic hosted this final and in Ústí nad Labem our team won the third place. This year, the competition is held in Albania in September, and we want the best Czech competitors in the Czech Republic.

We wish to all school children, parents and teachers a successful school year and we believe that its start will not be affected by serious injuries or a tragic accident. And once again,
Children are among the traffickers to the most vulnerable. The attention and consideration of all road users, especially motor vehicle drivers, is very important in this period (more than ever). Thanks for her!

Source: tz Besip, edited editorial

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