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Jan Hrusinský Theater Company celebrates its 15th birthday

Almost 4000 performances, which were attended by 900 thousand spectators, were performed by Jan Hrušínský Theater Company. The audience of the Prague theater scene celebrates this anniversary in October with the release of a great epic book mapping the past 15 years and 37 theater productions!

"Theater business is a thrilling adventure in the Czech Republic," Jan Hrušínsky, the theater director at Jezerce , says at the threshold of the new theater season. "It's never certain, but the quality staged together with our audiences helped us in the fight for survival for 15 years," explains Hrušínský. "The fact that we first sold the house we built with our wife so we can play Woody Allen's play" Play it Same again ", which I am referring to before the busy auditorium today, I still consider the best decision of my life," he says Of his beginnings, Jan Hrušínský.

Achievements and Falls in a Book Edition

Jan Hrusinský Theater Company founded Divadlo Na Jezerce. On the stage, audiences meet Jiřina Bohdalová, Jaroslav Dušek, Anna Polívková, Milan Kňažka or in the past Jan Třísek, Jiří Macháček, Klára Issová, Lenka Vlasáková and many other sought-after actors. Almost half of the DNJ repertoire exceeded the limit of two hundred repeats, and the "Play It Again, Same" and "Marriage Murder" productions exceeded the 300th Repeat. "Shylock" boasts Thalia's 2016 prize, which Milan Kňažko received for his acting role in the title role.
Over the past fifteen years, the theater's activities are focused on the book "15 Years of Jana Hrušínský Theater Theater - Na Jezerce Theater" , which will be presented by the principal in mid-October. A narrative book mapping on 240 pages with words and photos of 37 productions, contains many reviews, insights and messages from prominent visitors of the Nusel scene and captures life on Jezerce as spectators do not know it. The book has a documentary character, comes out in a limited volume and will serve to present the theater.

Missing premiere in an insecure season

Since September, the theater has continued to test the comedy "It's Wonderful" directed by Jan Hřebejka. Peter Quilter's play talks about Florence Foster Jenkins, wishing for a career of striking opera wonders without having the right talent. The production "It's Stunning" is already Hřebejka's sixth director at Divadlo Na Jezerce. In the previous seasons, he has seen a number of audience hits for the Nusel scene - "Marriage Murder" (the production is on DNJ repertoire 12 years), " Kumst , We Touch, We Need to Help" or a thief's comedy four "Tear in the Shoes" Repertoire).

However, due to serious operational obstacles, the premiere of the game "It's Stunning!" Scheduled for October 2017, the theater, after an agreement with director Hřebejka and all the participants, must move to the spring of 2018, and in the same way it is forced to translate the originally scheduled production of Jirotek's Saturnin directed by Petr Vacka. High-quality and popular theater productions have always been key to the existence of the Jezera Theater, but, as noted by Jan Hrušínský, theater business is not just a successful repertoire. Since last year, DNJ has been seriously burdening unfulfilled contractual obligations by the theater restaurant operator. "This year, we are struggling with the fact that the theater restaurant operator does not pay for us for a long time on Jezerka podnájemná, which is a fixed part of the theater budget. Nevertheless, the theater was forced from a sublease which did not last for many months, to pay the state in full VAT and, of course, to pay the rent of the Prague 4 district regularly for the theater premises. Theater operation complicates so much that we have to pause the introduction of the two games " The reason for the two deposed premieres, Jan Hrušínský, continues: "We are often sold out, the theater is very interested, but this year's successful season with the Thalia award for Shylock and the extraordinary success of the premiere is here again! Is not a guarantee that we will be able to continue here. The low enforceability of business law in the Czech Republic is considerably complicated. In addition, Na Jezerce Theater is not subsidized in comparison with most Prague theaters, including some private ones (but still with them for 15 years they keep pace). Costs cover 94% of private sources and ticket sales. So please keep your fingers and come to support Jezerka just by buying a ticket! " Concludes the Nusel scene.

A new website and a facelift of theater promotion will be introduced in the fall!
In spite of the above mentioned problems, Na Jezerce Theater is preparing a new form of promotion for the 2017-2018 season, new websites are being prepared to give viewers easier access to information and more comfortable communication with the theater, including mobile apps and so on. Everything will be tuned into pleasant pastel colors. The theater invests in the upgrading of the on-line sales system for ticket sales and spectators, thus offering audiences easier and more comfortable way to their theater.

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