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Festival DIVADLO 2017

The 25th International Festival DIVADLO will be presenting the leading ensembles from Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic from 13 to 21 September in Pilsen. "This year we will bring more foreign theaters - eight in the main program. In addition, all the international productions premiered last year. Visitors will see the selection of the most interesting what the European, and of course the domestic, scene currently offers, "said Jan Burian, director of the festival.

One of the most striking contemporary productions on the Belgian scene is Dus Fräulein (Kompanie). "Black comedy The sadness of the director and actress Anne-Cécile Vandale ironizes the fashion wave of the Nordic depressing crimes, but at the same time, she speaks for the rise of extremism in European politics," says Dramaturgy Council member Michal Zahálka. The multimedia performance presented successfully at the Avignon Festival introduces viewers among the peculiar inhabitants of a small Danish island. An ambitious extreme right-wing politician is coming to mitigate the potentially scandalous death of his mother, found hanged on the Danish flag in the middle of the village. "The production makes an interesting use of projections or cameras that reveal the interiors of typical Nordic houses standing directly on the stage," adds Michal Zahálka.

For the first time in Plzen, the prominent Polish director Michał Borczuch will introduce himself. His Production Everything about my mother Teatr Laźnia Nowa from Krakow won last year's Boska Komedia's most important Polish festival.

Live music and the story of the composer Tomasz Sikorsky, the pioneer of minimalism, combines the production of Holzwege with playwright Martha Sokołowa, directed by Katarzyna Kalkat from Warsaw's TR theater. "The life of a torn-up artist dwarfed by totalitarianism reconstructs three great actors in two mutually contradictory varieties, which eventually overwhelm the factual and warm memories of Sikor's friend, composer and pianist Zygmunt Krauze, who accompanies the production live," remarks Dramaturgy Board member Dora Viceníková.

Festival visitors will have a great opportunity to see this year's very successful Hungarian drama of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment novel, directed by Michal Dočekal, with his Czech coworkers at the leading Budapest Theater Vígzsínház.

From Hungary to Pilsen, the Katon Theater József Színház will also be accompanied by Gogol's Monodrama of Fool's Notes by director Viktor Bodó. In a "one man show" by Tamas Keresztes, the Czar Popriščin staff is coming to the forefront of the audience.

The view of the Slovak small-theater theater, which has not yet been represented at the festival, will offer Bratislava's puppet theater with a playful and imaginative production on The Chicken Wings directed by Katarina Aulitis. The production does not use puppets, but live actors, two of which have been nominated for the Prizes.

With the dynamic production of God, the DJ from the bar of full screen screens and lights is going to Pilsen by the young Bratislava ensemble of the Theater of Peter Mankovsky . Director Šimon Ferstl planted the play of the author writing now for the Berlin Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Berlin home theater.

The selection of domestic productions reflects the most interesting thing that happened in the past season. He is screened twice as a writer by Henrik Ibsen: Nora (Doll House) directed by Jan Nebeský from Prague Theater under Palmovka and Divoká Duha of the Chamber Theater scene in Ostrava by young director David Šiktance, who transcends the story to the present blockboard. From Prague there will also be the Dejvické divadlo v britském stylu, written by the comedy Vzkříšení directed by Michal Vajdička (both in the main program and in the epilogue), Divadlo v Dlouhé with the Brechta Stage on the Run.

There will also be "smaller" Prague collections in Pilsen. For all of us, we have the Letní Divadlo , which will bring the award-winning Olga (Horrory z Hrádečku) directed by Martina Schlegelová, or Boca Loca Lab with a "silenced opera, a tribute to Umberta Ecovi", precisely and perfectly built by the production of the List Maze directed by Jiří Adámek.

JK Tyl Theater : Liduschka (Baarová), the original musical rendition of the relationship of actress Lída Baarová and Joseph Goebbels directed by Romana Meluzín, and the theatrical processing of the novel thriller Talented Mr. Ripley by Natalia Deakova. At the festival, Alfa Theater will present a "free" production of Gazdina roba directed by Jakub Vašíček, based on the story of Gabriel Preiss, with the same name.

The traditional epilogue in the second half of the festival will offer one performance of the Comedy Revival of the Dejvická Theater, the Dlouha Theater with the production of Lucerna directed by Hana Burešová and the Brno Bolek Polívka Theater with the production of Šašek and his son with Bolek Polívka and his son Vladimír.

The main theater program will replenish the program, which will be attended by Johan or Pilsen Film Club, worshop of theater photography and film and other accompanying events.

More information on the festival site .

Source: tz, edited editorially

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