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Marek Najbrt began shooting the fairy tale Devil Witch

Director Marek Najbrt began the last day of July to make a new original fairy tale Devil Witch. Judith Bárdos and Jan Cina will play the leading roles, after more than thirty years since the legendary film "S Čertov", Jitka Vetchý returns to the role of Lucifer.

"Everyone thinks that Hell is a place full of evil demons who are guilty of evil. These are fairy tales for adults. In fact, hell is the office. The office, which is here to punish the evil righteously. Your Evil ... ", writers Robert Geisler and Tomáš Hodan, who are in the trio with Mark Najbrt, say, for example, under the cloak of the Blaník Office. "It's been several years since my friend and co-author of this script, Robert Geisler, first suggested that we make a fairy tale. It seemed absurd at the time, but from the moment I became the father of two little sons, the idea is logical and unambiguous for me. Why not once again look at the world from a child's perspective and at the same time do not use their film and life experiences to create a story for the whole family? " Adds director Marek Najbrt about how the genre changed. Although ... there are some points of contact here ...

The story takes us to the town of Pytlov at the foot of the Pervidle hill. Local people who live here by the common life of craftsmen or farmers may not even know that all their offenses and wrongdoings are carefully monitored by the local hellish branch. Sins write a fair and unmistakably magical Devil's quill. But one day it will stop working.
Lucifer decides to entrust the delivery of a new devil's quill to the Pervidle branch of a slightly confused devil Boniface. It's the best job to get the young devil screaming around the world. Bonifác goes to Pytlova, and his first experience is that the local chessman will steal his magic quill. This is a series of events where Pytlov dominates the local cunning, lazy, and cheaters who eventually manage to imprison the hell ruler himself. He is at Boniface to find the best qualities and free Pytlov, Lucifer and the heart of the beautiful Markéta.

In the role of Boniface, we will see Jan Cin (actor, singer and, among other things, winner of the contest Your Face Has a Famous Voice), Markétka plays by Judit Bárdos , Lucifer mentioned by Ondřej Vetchý . Marian Geisberg appears as Margaret's father in other tasks. Local people with the appropriate names Klouzek, Křiváček and Tlachal play Jan Budař, Tomáš Jeřábek and Jan Maryško . The inhabitants of Pytlova will also become Marek Daniel and Jana Plodková or Michal Dalecký , while Václav Kopta or Jakub Žáček will act in hell.

The Devil's Broken Fairytale will be filmed in August and September in attractive Czech locations - Ledče nad Sázavou, Chrustenice or Doksany, a few days awaits the crew also in Slovakia.

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Photo to tz: Punk Film - Marek Novotny

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