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Danish gift in the form of LED bulbs

Although the door-to-door sale in many municipalities is banned, electricity and gas suppliers do not break into their practices. Today and every day there are unfortunate people who let the homeowner go into the apartment and embrace the promises of saving energy. The script is always the same. The defenseless consumer has a vendor, in addition to a supply contract and a set of LED bulbs. It's a gift - do not.

In the case of a door-to-door sale, energy vendors usually enter into two contracts. One is, of course, a power supply agreement and the other surprisingly a contract for a LED bulb set. Sometimes you also sign each contract with another company. Even though vendors declare that you are receiving a light bulb as a gift, do not be fooled. " What you are signing is not a handover protocol. This is a purchase contract that has one more significant hook. The price of LED bulbs depends on whether you have a contract with an energy supplier. If you terminate the contract for any reason, the original price that makes a few crowns can turn into an amount of several thousand , " explains Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of consumer organization dTest.

Retailers say they pay discount on bulbs depending on whether you are a vendor's customer. In principle, however, the bulbs are in the words "free" and "business attention" without the need for the crown supplement. But with a fine of several thousand, you can make sure that you do not get off the contract with the energy supplier so easily. You can inadvertently get into the role of Doctor Zelí from the funny short story of Shimk and Grossman "I do not want a discount for free".

From a door-to-door sales contract, you can withdraw within 14 days, or you can terminate it without penalty within 15 days of commencement of deliveries without penalty.
But the trick of traders is that they make two contracts with you. It is not enough to terminate only the delivery contract, but you must also withdraw from the sales contract separately. "This argumentation is incorrect. From the legal point of view, these are dependent contracts and the purchase contract is automatically canceled with the supply contract. The addition of LED bulbs also constitutes a sanction for the law , " says Lukáš Zelený and points out: " If you end the contract with the supplier, do not forget to return the bulbs. Otherwise you would have to replace their value. "

Undertaking is prohibited in many municipalities. So be sure to tell if your residence is subject to similar regulations. If so, you can report to the police who are infringing the prohibition. Effective defense for those who have already succumbed to the offer of tangible vendors is an out-of-court dispute resolution at the Czech Trade Inspection.

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