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Adam and Vladimir Mišík for the first time together in duet

Martin Koppa's Bajkee comedy, based on Peter Koleček's script, will feature the first demonstrations during August. A musical surprise arose also for the music of Jan P. Muchow. Actor and singer Adam Mišík together with his father, Vladimír Mišík, made a duet for the first time in his life! Perhaps the most famous Mišík song - Variations on the Renaissance theme - has come to a new version, accompanied by the same good video clip.

The cult composition dates from the 1970s and survived not only the period of communist dictatorship. The text was written prematurely by the late poet Václav Hrabě probably already in the first half of the sixties for the later lost game Queen Margot. The poem The variation on the Renaissance theme has been preserved, one version was allegedly tapped on the back of the cigarette box. The music was at a time when Vladimír Mišík was looking for a guitar repertoire and remembered Václav Hrabě's poetry. As Josef Rauvolf remarked in poetry on Roque, for the first time the song in the way we know her today was first performed at a concert at the Purkyňky dormitory in Brno and in May 1977 during the Prague Jazz Days in Lucerne. The song became a hit, so the band ETC recorded it on its 1979 album called 2. When asked why this song became a legend, Vladimír Mišík replied on the show: "If I knew what it is, I will be To invent only such. It is somehow a person who enters some kind of generation. It has touched the craving of a certain age, there is a desire for great feeling. There is love in her. Besides, the minor scale is interesting. In some of the Earl's writings, the musical idea instantly sparks to me, evokes, provokes and inspires music. So the Count helped me a lot. "

Under the New Arranged Variation on the Renaissance theme, the composer Jan. P. Muchow:
"When the producer proposed to prepare a new version for the film 'Variation on a Renaissance theme', I tried to talk to him. It is a song that belongs to the imaginary golden fund of Czech popular music. And one of the few that is not coverworld but the Czech authors. I reminded of the taste of Czech taste, when the same interpreter is winning the popularity poll for 40 years, and every Christmas TV viewer needs Frost. Ambitions in this conservative environment to prepare a new version of a song that everyone loves and no one is curious about other than the original version of Vladimír Mišík is more or less artistic suicide. It was a challenge, of course.

Honza Muchow agreed on the condition that everything would be consulted with Vladimír Mišík and everyone would agree with the idea to prepare the song as a duet of Adam and Vladimir. "I did not want to make any revolution in the new version, but I tried to prepare the arrangement of the songs so it would be natural to both Vladimir and Adam."

Also, Adam Mišík admits the initial hesitation: "Frankly, at first I did not want to do much about it, but in the end I was persuaded and it came out very nice and I like it. I'm quite afraid of such things, and we've never done anything with my dad and they did not get together too much, but in the end we said, why not. It was a very nice moment to be with my dad in the studio. "
Jan P. Muchov - bass guitar with Tomáš Neuwirt - drums, Lukáš Chromek - guitar and Terezi Kovalová - violoncello.
Video clip   

In cinemas you will be able to extend the summer with the Bajke comedy from October 19th.

In addition to Adam Mišík, we will see Hana Vagnerová, Jan Komín, Vojtu Machutu, Celeste Buckingham, Pavel Nečas, Tomáš Matonohu, Vandu Hybnerová, Michal Suchánek, Štěpánek Fingerhut, Esther Lubadik, Julia Šurková .
Producer of the film is Tomáš Vican, who stood behind the "wine-growing" berries of Bobule, Drama Lidice or TV series Vinaři, the main partner of the film is Prima TV and Slovakia TV JOJ.

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