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New Green Savings: Replace the boiler and heat

The New Green Savings Program will bring some news from September this year. For the owners of old solid fuel boilers, who will receive a state contribution under the known Kotlík subsidies and heat their house using the New Green Savings grant, bonus bonuses of up to CZK 40,000 are prepared.

Additional bonuses are also for owners of new boilers built thanks to Kotlík's subsidies, who also install a photovoltaic or thermal water heating system with the help of New Green Savings.

The Ministry of the Environment wants to motivate households to more comprehensive measures to reduce energy intensity. The New Green Savings Grant program will therefore offer interesting financial bonuses for anyone who will replace the old boiler in the 2nd stage of Kotlík's subsidies and at the same time will insulate the house with a New Green Savings grant. Owners of old boilers can enjoy a financial bonus of up to 40,000 CZK. In addition, people do not have to ask for subsidies at the same time. Bonuses can be recruited by applicants for up to two years after receiving the Potty Subsidy.

"The goal of Kotlík's subsidies is to support the modernization of heat sources in Czech households. Old and poor quality solid fuel boilers are one of the largest local air pollutants. The modern heat source has far more efficient operation and more comfortable operation, "he describes the advantages of replacing the old boiler with the new Roman Svantner, (ENBRA). "New Green Savings bonuses are another good incentive for anyone who wants to modernize the source of heating in their family home first and then heat the house," added Švantner.

The highest bonus - 40,000 CZK - is intended for those applicants who buy a combined boiler on coal and biomass and receive a Kotlíková subsidy. Smaller bonuses amounting to CZK 20,000 then apply under the same conditions to the purchase of a heat pump, a gas condensing boiler and a biomass boiler. The $ 10,000 Bonus is for those who modernize their heating, receive a Kotlíková subsidy and, within the New Green Savings, ask for a contribution to the solar water heating system.

The Ministry of the Environment wants to motivate the applicants for Kotlitkové subsidies, by means of bonuses, not to stay in the modernization of their home only in the exchange of heat sources, but they have also embarked on other austerity measures. Successful applicants for Kotlikova subsidy then have a two-year term for insulating the house and another grant application under New Green Savings, when they receive the appropriate bonus. However, the bonus can not be applied retrospectively to previously submitted grant applications.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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