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Ten tips on how to protect a dog from ticks

More and more owners share with their four-legged friends not only an apartment, but often also a bed. All the more, care must be taken to ensure that the animal does not carry unwanted and dangerous ticks at home. The possibility of prevention is more.

If you find a truncated tick in the dog's fur, you should remove it as soon as possible. If you leave him there for too long or you do not get the parasite out, the animal can cause serious illnesses. Additionally, a home tick threatens people - especially dangerous diseases such as borreliosis and tick encephalitis are dangerous.

Preventive dozens

Fortunately, pets can be protected during the season before the ticks. We offer some tips on how to do it.

It is a solution that drips on the skin. It is most often applied using a pipette to place between the shoulder blades. You can buy it in a pharmacy, in pet supplies or at a vet. Spot-on is a very effective way not to give a chance to ticks but also fleas. It takes about one month after administration. Always read the instructions and in case of doubt contact a vet.

Tablets to the mouth.
These are pills that are given to the dog once a month. They can kill both ticks and fleas in all stages of development. Unlike spot-on preparations, you do not have to worry about coming into contact with the chemicals when it comes to small dogs when polishing the dog.

Antiparasitic shampoos.
In your breeding needs you will receive special shampoos and fleas repellents. They contain ingredients that do not smell or kills these parasites. This is a cheap method that does not always work at 100%. The effect takes less time and not every animal likes frequent bathing in the bath.

Special concentrate.
It is a highly concentrated liquid (usually contains pyrethrin), which must be diluted with water. It is then applied to the animal's hair with a sponge or poured onto the back. The product is no longer rinsed, the hair is allowed to dry. This solution is not suitable for puppies, pregnant or nursing females.

Antiparasitic collars.
They represent one of the most popular and effective protection options. Different quality products are available on the market, both on a chemical and purely natural basis. Do not look for the price, bet on quality. When attaching the collar, make sure the dog has plenty of space around the neck (two fingers should fit under the collar), and it will not cut it anywhere. Cut the excess length of the collar to prevent the dog from chewing. Pay attention to symptoms of discomfort (eg excessive scratching), this may indicate a possible allergic reaction.

These are other means of forgiving or killing ticks. Apply the instructions carefully when applying. This very fine powder can irritate mucous membranes and inhalation and respiratory tract. Never apply the powder near the eyes of the animal.

It is recommended to combine them with shampoos. With an anti-parasitic spray you can also spray the hair of your hair.

Care of garden and lawn.
Keep everything in the garden short cut. Ticks are often found in high grass and unsupervised shrubs. In gardening, you can also grab special granules that break down the lawn to destroy parasites and pests, but some of these are common for animals and humans.

A thorough tour.
Every time you go out of the toes, carefully examine the animal. Check areas around your ears, neck and armpits.

Shorter walking.
Do not let the dog run in nature for a long time, especially in high grass or in the forest. The ticks are the most frequent. With the length of stay outside, there is a growing risk of shedding this parasite.

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