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From Rwanda to Prague - Cirk La Putyka at Summer Letná with unique performance HIT

A unique project that will bring together acrobats, dancers, actors and musicians from Rwanda, the Czech Republic and Canada will be presented at the Summer Summer Czech Cirk La Putyka. The premiere of Hit, Tell the Difference will take place on August 17th and will begin the Festival of Czech Newcomer to Letní Letná.

Hit is a project about cultural crashes, the impact of individual Poets of Circus La Putyk and Future Vision Acrobat. It originated in Prague, too, in Rwanda, where Rostislav Novák, the younger and the part of the ensemble, tried together with Rwandan artists and artists. "It was one of my most powerful life experiences for me. I met people whose fates are incredibly interesting, strong, joyful and painful. I met both children and adults who have a talent from God. I was fascinated by the beauty of Rwandan nature, I was fascinated by how high the Rwanda skier acted. As they are spontaneous, " recalls and continues: " Ten artists from Rwanda will come to Prague, some of them children, some orphans, some homeless, some musicians, some flyers, some acrobats. They will meet the members of Circus La Putyk and their guests together. "

On stage we will see the best Czech jumping player on Naima Ashaba trampoline. The music for the HIT project is composed by Jan Křížek , frontman of the band Walk Choc Ice and a member of Blue Effect, together with the tribal singer Circus La Putyk Andrej Radim . The stage designer is Antonín Šilar .
HIT will only be visible on Summer Summer.

The documentary film will also be released, which will go to the cinema distribution in 2018. Samples from the film will be seen at this year's Summer Letná festival, where at the same time other documentaries will be filmed.

HIT Circus La Putyka is by no means the only premiere in the Festival of Czech novocirkusové creation at Summer Letná. The brand new show Collapse will be released by the popular Losers Cirque Company . With the Prague premiere of Heroes, the airplane at Circus TeTy is also heading to Letna. The ladies again show off unusual forms of suspended acrobatics along with elements of physical theater, all directed by Radim Vizváry . Serious topic conceived with exaggeration and joy for your superiors Hello, Polly! Chooses the Czech Duo Hand to Violin and premieres it on Letná.

The 14th Summer Letná Festival will take place from August 17th to September 3rd in Letenské sady in Prague.

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