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Playground for children in the Tyrolean mountains

Do children love a playground and which are more beautiful than natural? In Tyrol, families will find several unusual playgrounds in the mountains.

If it is a tree queen or a "queen of the alps" , then it is a pine wood language, German Zirbe. Whoever drives a cable car from the Pitztal to the Hochzeiger mountain, finds one of the forests of this dwarf pine forest in Tyrol. How valuable is the tree of this tree, shows the ZirbenPark Park on a nature trail, which is a great entertainment not only for children. On their way, children can gather their own pillows, take part in an educational quiz, test their skills, or climb a tower of the pine tree language.
The best on the tower is then a 16-meter long slide. All the habitats in ZirbenPark Park are made of wood pine tongue.

Where the 1,869 meters high mountain is today, it was millions of years ago the sea Tethysmeer. On the rocky plate, the only dry reef of Europe, a lot of fossils were found. It is therefore an ideal place for Triassic Park, where children can turn into paleontology. Upon a cableway trip up to 1,600 meters above sea level, small explorers can learn how to determine the age of fossils, discover fossilized corals while strolling on the Triassic Trail, and learn why this period of prehistory is called Triassic.
Kids beat in the sand, looking for fossils, breaking stones, and riding on a raft. So they can do it all as real scholars.

The fairytale about Ellmi is short, but pretty. The magician teacher turned the little wizard Ellmatia into a frog. To get back into the boy, he had to solve the riddle. At the Hartkaiserbahn mountain station at an altitude of 1,555 meters, children can play in the enchanting world of Ellmi's Zauberwelt and solve puzzles in a magical forest or have fun at the children's playground. Here they will find a zoo where pets can climb, a climbing castle, a maze, a 15 meter high water syringe, and even a magical rainforest.

Maybe the kids will help the end of the adventure really turn Ellmi from the frog to the boy.

First wander through the old streets of Innsbruck and then be within a half hour at an altitude of 1,905 meters above sea level? No, that's no fiction, that's reality. The Nordkettenbahn cable car will make the locals and visitors alway to the alpine playground. This course will love adventurers. For example, if you discover a ferry to Hafelekar, a new climbing park or the well-known Nordketten-Singletrail downhill run.

In the midst of Karwendel Nature Park, Austria's largest natural park, a new Treasure of Spielschatz Eng opens on June 23, 2017, located on the world-famous Ahornboden maple plateau, which grows up to 600 years old maples. Since 1973, the maple valley has been a natural protected monument. Javory must not be felled. Using the "Spielschatz" treasure, the Engalm farmers, in cooperation with Vomp and the Silberregion Karwendel, want to show the children what they are doing in the hut and related care of the cultural landscape.

Tyrol has more than 11.5 million visitors from over 50 countries and 47 million overnight stays in the tourist season 2015/16, as 34 tourist bindings, to the Alps holiday destinations. Tourism in Tyrol is influenced by nearly 200 years of history and countless pioneering actions. Guests appreciate the unique nature, high quality of service and infrastructure, as well as internationally recognized and respected hospitality in summer and winter.

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