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Are your heels cracked? Change drinking mode, diet and cosmetics

If the sensitive skin on the foot is too dry, it may tear. Cracks in the skin sometimes get worse and even begin to bleed. It not only hurts, especially while walking, but cracks can get angry. Cracked skin can also enter the body of the infection.

Cracks at the heels are usually caused by insufficient skin moisture. Dried and tense skin easily breaks.

Excessive skin dryness causes:
Cold winter weather,
Low fluid intake,
Stay in the hot tub or shower,
Too long or frequent baths in the bathtub,
Use of poor quality, aggressive soaps,
Scrubbing of legs until dry.

Why diabetics suffer

More prone to cracks on the heels are people:
With diabetes ,

In poorly treated diabetics, skin dryness is associated with leg nervousness. The guilt is a long-term elevated blood sugar level. Individuals with diabetes also have a higher risk of infection in skin cracks.

Obese people have a heavy burden on the heel. This causes further stretching of the skin. Dry skin is not capable of handling the pressure and cracks.

Before you go to the doctor

Skin cracking can be prevented by regular lubrication and moistening with appropriate oil-based creams and moisturizers.
It is necessary to adequately drink and eat a nutritious, varied diet with enough protein, vitamins and minerals.
Avoid long baths in hot water and use aggressive cosmetics.
Nothing helps? Visit your podiatrist. Prescribes medicines for possible infection and offers solutions to help the skin heal.

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