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What does (not) please a cyclist?

The accident statistics for 2016 show that not all serious cyclist accidents are by far their fault. Safe distance from the overtaking cyclist? For example, in France at least 1 meter! Experienced driver with the mistakes of others counts ..

Motorists like to see bikers as troublemakers. This is often the case with their behavior towards them. However, the winner of possible mutual measurement of forces is unclear in advance. It is far from saying that the driver of serious accidents is always a bicyclist. Statistics of accidents investigated by the Czech Police in 2016 indicate that there were 3 982 incidents involving cyclists, out of which 1 506 (or 38%) were the ones responsible for the accident. A total of 40 people lost their lives, 17 of them (43%) accused of another road user. Similarly, 43% of people suffered heavy accidents and 37% of minor injuries in the reported incidents.

What makes motorists happy for a cyclist?
Especially by treating him with care . Behind the handlebars - as well as the wheel - is also a man sitting .

Cycling still has its own specifics. Just keep the balance and, if possible, a straight track, without looping and waving. Especially when driving at low speed the task is almost superhuman. Automobiles should therefore overtake cyclists with sufficient lateral distance. In France, for example, it is laid down by the traffic rules that the distance from a traveling cyclist must be at least 1 meter in the city, and even a meter and a half away. Sometimes a cyclist suddenly has to walk away as he moves along the edge or the very edge of the road where he can easily encounter an unexpected obstacle - such as a stone or a hole. At full speed, he has no choice but to attempt an evasive maneuver. Sufficient lateral distance of the overtaking car can save his life. In addition, cyclists do not have their wheels equipped with a rearview mirror. If an overtaking truck or bus unexpectedly appears unexpectedly, a surprised bicyclist can react inappropriately to the situation. Not to mention the gust of wind, which in itself can cause the cyclist to lose balance and crash.

Cyclists are struggling with a similar problem as their stronger two-wheelers - they are poorly visible to car drivers . Bicyclists are more likely to miss the day. Automobiles can easily hurt them just because they overlook them . A major danger is particularly the case when motorists go on the main road, turn left and prefer to drive cars, turn, overtake or bypass, and have to be sure that they will not endanger anyone. Care must be taken when turning to the right, especially when large-sized car drivers can easily overlook the cyclist. "Not every cyclist can see enough, many elderly people in particular enjoy the dark color of their clothes. This is why motorists in similar situations should rather take a good look to avoid a biker inadvertently, "remarks Roman Budsky of the Road Safety Team. It has to be borne in mind that many cyclists are fast. In the city - for example, riding hills - they can boldly compare with motorized colleagues.

In poor visibility and even in the dark so many cyclists are not properly illuminated ! That's a fact. Drivers of motor vehicles should, in particular, be able to count on cycling busy areas. In the dark, they should only travel at such a speed to stop at the distance they have a view. And not just because of invisible cyclists. You can also surprise an unlit pedestrian or an unmarked broken car. "It is good to expect that a number of cyclists - especially senior citizens - have no driving rights. Some of their solutions, especially of more complex or atypical situations, can easily make motorists out of the question, " Budes warns. The chauffeur of the car would probably have to count on it subconsciously. Moreover, one of the features of an experienced driver is that he can identify in time the risk of another road user and adequately adapt his ride.

Generally, one should not do what he does not like to others . "In the countries where there is a lot of cycling - for example the Netherlands and Denmark - cyclists are far more considerate. And it also corresponds to statistics of serious traffic accidents. One reason is that every motorist regularly uses the bicycle. By driving his canvass, he can easily feel the feelings of the bicyclists he meets on the road. Cyclist does not consider a difficult rival but a colleague. And especially for humans, " adds Roman Budský.

Source: tz The Road Safety Team of , edited editorially

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