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The world under the head attracted France through its original processing

The World of TV Series The world under the head was selected at the prestigious French Serie Series series. He was attracted by the atmosphere and the original work of the original British masterpiece.

The World Under the World series has attracted the Fontainebleau series of festivals in its atmosphere and, above all, the original reworking of the original British BBC Life on Mars. The basic plot, moving the main hero in time for decades, namely, in the Czech version, meant the return of the hard totality, which was the reason why Life on Mars could not work. In the Underworld it is a fundamental level of narrative.

"Without this factor, it probably would not make sense to replicate. It's built on the one dimension of the moral profile of the main hero, police officer Filip Marvan. All other characters are confronted with the regime, whether they are active co-creators or those with whom the regime sweeps. I think that even the audience watching the World under the head unconsciously took positions and somehow rated the regime, " says Radim Špaček, who was together with Mark Najrttem the director of the series.

The Series Series series runs just these days (28th-30th June). It was created in 2012 and is focused exclusively on TV series from the outset; it is even referred to as the "think tank" of European serial production.

In 2016, Czech works were represented by the five-part satirical comedy Kosmo at the festival.

Source: tz Czech Television

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