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Return of wild horses of Prevalski the seventh

The seventh Return of Wild Horses was a success. By airplane CASA of the Army of the Czech Republic, four other mares of Prevalski: Naya, Roma, Chanta and Sarangua were transported to the Gobi B Strictly Protected Area in Mongolia. The number of horses transported within the Prague Zoo project has soared to 27.

"This year's transport took place in the shortest time: from the start of the Kbel aircraft to the launching of the horses in Gobi, only 24 hours passed," said Miroslav Bobek, Director of the Prague Zoo, adding: "All four mares without the slightest difficulty ran into the acclimatization enclosure and applied to me the same Look like Sunday evening in Dolni Dobrejov. "

The release of the mares was attended by local residents and dignitaries, as well as by foreign guests, in particular the International Takhi Group, the emirate president, Thomas Pfisterer.

"The mares that we have transported to Mongolia come from four European zoos,"
said zoologist Jaroslav Simek, adding: "Sarangua was born at our acclimatization and breeding station in Dolni Dobrejov in 2014 and christened it with us the commander of today's machine flight CASA pplk. Milan Laniak. The other two come from Germany and one from Denmark. "

Now all four mares of Roma, Naya, Sarangua and Chantou are familiar with the new environment and are grappling with the new conditions prevailing in Gobi. After a year spent in the acclimatization enclosure they will then be released into the wild.

Prague Zoo not only has been the only organization in the last decade, which, thanks to cooperation with the Czech Army, transports the horse of Prevalski to Mongolia, but has also been a major contributor to its salvation and for decades has led a world breed of this kind. The current Return of Wild Horses was jubilee. Twenty-five years have passed since the reintroduction of Prevalski horses into Mongolia, where these wild horses disappeared in the late 1960s. In the beginning, the German businessman Christian Oswald, who also worked with experts from the Prague Zoo, deserved it.

Protecting biodiversity is currently a priority task of modern zoos, and the return of Prevalski horses is considered one of the most important and successful projects.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo to tz: Václav Šilha, Prague Zoo

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