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Hradecek Open Air Workshop - Garden party

Hradecek Open Air Workshop - Garden party Decided: The Trutnoff Festival celebrates its 30th and 33rd birthday by returning to the roots and will be held as an Open Air Workshop and Gardening Festival at its epicenter on the green meadow near Hrádečko. Similarly to 1987.

With a month of seedlings and blooming bows, the legendary Trutnoff festival has ended the speculation that has formed around this year's event. The oldest festival of its kind, also known as Wood Woodsock, will return to the roots from August 17th to August 20th. To his thirtieth and unofficially thirty-thirtieth birthday, he will perform as an Open Air Workshop, or Gardening, just as in 1987 on a private meadow near the epicenter of his birth - above the castle of his captain Václav Havel . The place and the scale of its conduct are more than symbolic.

"We enjoyed the mainstream. At the thirty and unofficially thirty-three years of the festival, we are returning to the roots. The festival will take place in the same way as in 1987 on a private meadow among the forests close to the epicenter of its origin - symbolically above our Chieftain. The Garden Festival should evoke the beginnings and circumstances of the encounter in 1984 and 1987, when bands and people were closer together, and festivals were not part of a big business and entertainment industry. Back to the original meaning and to the essence of the conspiratorial atmosphere of the community, as our Chief said. Just hope this time without any power interventions or meadows sprinkled with urine, " says the founder of the festival Martin Věchet with a smile.

Garden feast to the thirties - return to places where everything started

This year's Trutnoff will not be a classic "festival", as many know it from the Trutnov Bojiště, but the anniversary will be a sign of the Open Air Workshop Gardening Ceremony. Symbolically at Hrádečko eight kilometers from Trutnov. "We have arranged nice meadows here among the forests in the foothills of the Giant Mountains. Eleven hectares are a nice place, but the capacity will be limited. To thirty years it has a strong symbolism. Younger squaws and comrades who have not experienced or are not in the world will be touched, the elders who have experienced will be pleased, " adds the founder of the meeting.

"We're heading back to where everything started. After the first scrambled attempt at a small festival in Stary Buky in 1984, it ended with about 120-150 brave ones, who managed to sneak through the forests and encircle the then security in Hrádek. When a Chief arrived to the place, freshly released from prison, and saw what was going on, nothing more "sensible" occurred than to invite everyone home. In the official year of 1987, when the festival was redeemed, we and Chuňas and other runners and the meadow was sprayed with urine, there was a chief again. The apparatus, which remained in the direction of its fate in Volanov near Trutnov, was hidden in the barn at Hrádek. It was so conspiratorial that the Chief revealed to me after thirteen years, "
Martin Věchet says with a smile.

It was not clear how long it will be with the Bojiště, it has a different future today

The disturbance broke the news that after several years of organizing with the leadership of the Trutnov City Hall, this year's festival will not take place in Bojiště, where it has been running since 1990, but somewhat on a private meadow as in 1987. It has contributed to the mildness of the city's representatives, Area contract. For his stewardship, the area was visibly dwindling, and his party affiliation was more substantial than the decaying Bojiste. The city was forced to start looking for a new tenant, but even though it was a long way from the end of the deal, nothing was essential. Only the "What's Up with the Bojiště" Poll, which ended with a fiasco, appeared. Only in February, the Town Hall officially announced that the new administrator had not found and the site would manage the city itself. "It was waiting for Godot, and we could not afford with our bands, when we talked for a year or more in advance. It is hard to imagine that in November we are bundling the bands, paying several hundreds of thousands of advances, and we have no contract for renting the Bojiště on Easter, and we do not know its conditions. To this end, public voices began to cast voices about the sale of the site or potential investors who may not enjoy the festival, "the organizers say, adding:" Instead of waiting for Godot, we said we would return to the roots on our birthday. The long-term uncertainty, what will be with the surrounding land needed for the festival, which the town hall had allowed to intersect, and the development of the land use plan made them building blocks. When we started here, there were only meadows and some houses. Today, the Battlefield has a different future. "

This year's Open Air Workshop will be a kaleidoscope of music, debates, screenings, seminars and theaters. Concerts and traditional worship will link the meeting circle within four days. There will also be workshops and, to a greater extent, non-profit and civic organizations. "The Past, Present and Future of the Festival - Birthday, Civil Society and the Anniversary of Charter 77" , these are the topics that should dominate this Workshop this year.

A music program? This year will be an alternative and characteristically diverse, full of dramaturgical twists. It will be composed mostly of domestic bands and some bands from 84 and 87 will also be invited. After long years, Tata Bojs will return or the minus123minutes will be restored. There will also be some of the most popular Rock Alternative Rocks in the Skirt Mucha, as well as the sureties that have their place on the red ground beneath the mountains of the oldest multi-genre festival and are now warmly welcomed - Sto Animal, Cankisha, Plastic People, Hentai Corporation, Petr Váša and You syčáci or famous actor and funny songwriter Jiří Schmitzer . However, the Cimbálová hudba from Horňácko or the band Mam Bubo , which was supposed to perform at the festival in 1984 but also was arrested along with the organizers on the way to the concert.

Source: tz, editorially edited

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