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New crash tests - Kodiaq has full stars

Safety is one of the most important features of a car and when choosing a new or used car, it is definitely the place to take this criterion into consideration. Euro NCAP today released new results of car crash tests. The Škoda Kodiaq car was also rigorous. Historically, the first SUV of the Mladá Boleslav car factory did not disappoint and gained the maximum number of stars.

The Euro NCAP program, which is also part of the Czech consumer organization dTest, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. During that time he tested the safety of hundreds of cars. The European Transport Safety Board estimates that since 1997, 78 000 human lives have been saved by Euro NCAP tests. Tests of nineteen models have passed in the last six months.

"When choosing a new car, we recommend choosing one that is equipped with active safety systems that can fully prevent the impact or at least significantly reduce the impact speed. Overall, the safest car is the Volvo S90, which has earned five stars, that is, the full number. Equally safe is the V90 version. Feel free to go on the road in most SUVs tested,
"summarizes Hana Hoffmann, editor-in-chief of dTest. Among the cheaper cars in the lower middle class, the Hyundai Ioniq (five stars) surprisingly surprised. From small cars, the Nissan Micra has an excellent rating, with a package of active safety (it also has a full number of stars). However, in the case of the Ford Mustang, be vigilant. It is the only car that has only won two stars.

Czech drivers are probably interested in the Kodiaq model, which Škoda produces in its plant in Kvasiny. "The adult protection test was the best. In the front impact test of both parts and the entire width of the car, the driver and passengers were in most cases protected well or acceptable. The exception was only the chest area of ​​the driver when the parts of the car and the passenger's chest in the rear seat hit the entire width, " says Hana Hoffmann. In both cases, the average mark was awarded. Side impact tests passed Kodiaq to one. He also mastered the impact on the column, which tests the strength of the side structure. Good results were measured at the neck of the dummy when it hit the rear.

Impact tests with children's dummies revealed inadequate protection of the neck of a ten-year-old child in a frontal collision. The other parts of the larger and smaller children are protected either well or acceptable in front and side impacts. "Plus points were awarded for the ability to switch off the front passenger's airbag in the front seat and place the child seat in the opposite direction. The condition was that the airbag information had to be clearly visible, " adds Hoffmann.

And what happens to a pedestrian in the Kodiaq front collision? The head-to-bonnet impact on most of its surface was well or acceptable, unsatisfactory values ​​were measured, as with most cars, around the windshield posts. Kodiaq is equipped with an autonomous emergency braking system that can detect pedestrians. He has been acceptable in the pedestrian protection test.

But in an active safety test, autonomous emergency braking has been very good. Practically in all the scenarios he tested, he managed to completely prevent the collision. "The standard equipment also includes a driver's adjustable speed limiter and a seatbelt reminder for the first and second row seats. It just frowns that the lane-keeping system in Kodiaq is only available as an extra equipment, " concludes Hoffmann.

Hundreds of other tested cars will find consumers in a publicly accessible database at

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