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Children and alcohol - be careful in the summer!

Summer holidays include barbecues, garden parties and picnics. Beaten glasses of beer or colorful cocktails, which usually do not miss such events, attract teenagers besides adults. Estimates are for the first time to taste alcohol every June or July day for more than 11,000 children.

Eternal pitfalls

Teaching the teenagers is definitely nothing new. Parents of incoming generations have solved this problem for decades. Consuming alcohol with children still brings some risks that should not be forgotten. Is part of them:
Neglect of studies,
Unwanted or unprotected sexual activity,
Current drug use ,
Injury or death in an accident,
Undesirable influence on brain development.

Statistics are also clearly spoken. Young people who have their first experience with alcohol before the age of 15 are six times more vulnerable to developing addiction or alcohol abuse in adulthood than those who become acquainted with "drinking" after twenty-one.

Dialogue is a necessity

The attitudes of children to alcohol are influenced by their parents. They can thus become part of effective prevention of juvenile abuse. Experts recommend the following.
Clarify with the offspring the rules on the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Create safe conditions for two-way open communication, listen to children and be ready to answer their questions.
Be vigilant and do not overlook possible signs of drinking.
Enable teenagers to spend active holiday and do not leave them without a program.
Spend enough time together with the children.

If you have concerns about your offspring with alcohol, do not leave them for yourself. Openly discuss them with children. You may be surprised how much they will listen to you.

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