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How to make a summer trip with a natural way

Burned skin due to irrational sunbathing, foot molds taken from swimming pools, or body scraped with mosquito spikes. Summer brings with it a number of health problems and annoyances typical of this period.

Before you spend the sun's rays for the first time, it pays to spend time preparing and taking care of your health. We will show you how to deal naturally with the five most common health problems with the action of selected herbs.

Burned skin relieves the tincture of tin and the molecule of life

Skin melanoma is the seventh most common type of cancer in the Czech Republic. Each year, more than 2,000 people appear and 400 people die there. According to the Institute of Health Information and Statistics. In order to prevent this, it is enough to follow the principles of healthy sunbathing. One of them is to strengthen the skin before we are exposed to the sun's rays. "The quality and durability of the skin improves the tincture of black currant buds. At the same time, it promotes the defensiveness of the whole organism, " advises Jarmila Podhorna, the most famous Czech herbalist, from Naděje.

However, if sunbathing is still underway and skin burns, it is advisable to treat herbs that promote regeneration of the skin. "After sunbathing, it pays to brush your skin with spray of tea, tea tree, horseradish and other herbs, which has a moisturizing effect and helps to regain the natural elasticity of the skin. The support for hydration and healing is also the so-called Matusalém - a molecule of life that has a positive effect on the balance of skin cells and prolongs their lifetime. It is applied in the form of milk, ointment or gel, " adds Podhorna.

Removing yeast infections will help sessile herbal baths

With summer, some types of gynecological illnesses that are more intense during this period go hand in hand. The reason is mainly a more frequent stay in damp or impermeable clothing, resulting in inflammations and infections in the female genital tract. The most common are mycoses, especially unpleasant yeast infections. Many women, however, wear bacteria and molds in themselves, and the summer period is only a trigger for the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to cleanse the organism internally before summer. This is helped by herbal tinctures of pencil, garlic, grapefruit, red lemon and shi-mushrooms. If inflammation breaks out, it is advisable to include grapefruit or rape oil swabs and seating baths with anti-inflammatory and antifungal herbs, such as lichen, cranberry, alder or St. John's wort.

The moon or grep acts on the mold fungi

Feeding of the lower limbs is often associated with public bathing. The mold appears mainly between the toes, feet and nails. Foot mycoses are thriving in warm and humid conditions, where people usually go barefoot. In addition, they are easily transmitted not only among humans but also between other parts of the body. "Skin marrow and other skin problems have proven to be a monthly ointment that greatly revitalizes the skin when damaged. Also used is kiwi ointment, which destroys molds in the body. The universal helper is grep oil, which acts on a variety of skin problems of fungal origin, " explains Jarmila Podhorná.

Excessive sweating relieves sage, smell removes black without

In the summer, we do not avoid excessive sweating. In this case, it is worthwhile to reach the herbs that cool the body. For example, the sage or royal walnut is reduced. An effective remedy is also a tincture of a mixture of wormwood, red lobster, willow buds, and vilcacor bark that removes bacteria from the body, which may be responsible for excessive sweating. To remove the unpleasant bodily odor that perspiration accompanies, the tincture of black-eyed buds helps. It is also advisable to try a natural deodorant in the form of an alcoholic leach root extract, nettle and lichen.

The astral chips will soothe alder oat or fresh carrots

In the summer, it is possible to sneak even the itchy chips from mosquitoes, flies or owls, especially when we spend time at the water. Nature, however, knows how to resist annoying insects. Instead of a regular repellent, a natural variant can be used. Insects, for example, repel lavender oil. The resulting pimples will help treat the oily ointment, which calms and heals the skin. We can also brush them with burdock oil, which reduces the pruritus while helping to eliminate the consequences of scraped scrapes.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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