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Cryocomor: Refreshing freshening and recovery of the organism

You do not have to doubt the benefits of the sauna, bathing in thermal water or warm tiling on the human body. However, enjoying these hot wellness treatments in the hot summer does not have to be everybody's taste. So what do you use for the summer season to try out wellness therapy that works with the absolute opposite of heat - extreme frost?

Cryotherapy , or cold treatment , is a modern and more effective alternative to ice tiling or cold-watering. Its origins date back to 1978 when it began to be used in Japan to treat rheumatoid arthritis. "In cryotherapy, humans enter the cryocomorphus which is cooled by liquid nitrogen for about 3 minutes. The temperature of human skin in the cryo-moon falls to 2 to 10 ° C, but the body temperature does not change and therefore there is no danger, " explains Petr Pavlacký, director Aqualandu Moravia. It is in the South Moravian aquapark that people can use cryotherapy.

Staying in extreme cold has analgesic and hormone formation, adrenaline and cortisol act anti-stress. The cells are shrinking with cold and the fat is pushed out of them. Extreme coldness in the body in the human body immediately triggers a reaction whereby the body begins to quickly produce many beneficial substances: adrenaline, corticoids, noradrenaline, endorphins, and men and testosterone. To maintain body temperature, blood is centralized to important organs and enriches oxygen, enzymes and nutrients.

Upon leaving cryomorphism, the enriched blood quickly returns back to the limbs and to the surface of the body, and there is a feeling of warmth and light itching. Among the athletes, cryotherapy is very popular especially because it helps to quickly regenerate the muscles, but it is also effective in muscle or joint pain, in skin problems, to accelerate the healing of postoperative wounds, but also in asthma. Relaxed endorphins in turn improve mood, reduce stress and induce overall sense of physical strength and well-being. Staying in a cryo-moon even helps aesthetically, for example, it is beneficial to fight cellulite - cold shrinks cells and extrudes fat from them. For long-term results, however, at least 6 to 10 visits to the cryo-chamber are recommended in the shortest possible interval, preferably daily.

Therapies were cold in ancient Rome

Cold therapy, however, is not a novelty; people have been used already in a deep history. The principle of laying ice and cold tiles for injuries was used already in ancient Rome or old Egypt. Ice-based whole-body wraps were successfully promoted in the 19th century by the renowned healer Vincenz Priessnitz of Jesenik. Yet there are people for whom otherwise versatile cryotherapy does not fit. These are in particular people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, people suffering from claustrophobia, severe cold allergy, extremely high or untreated blood pressure, people with acute heart disease or those who have had a serious illness for the last half year. Although it has never been shown that therapy is unsuitable for pregnant women, it is still not recommended for pregnant women from the 3rd month of pregnancy because of the utmost caution and prevention.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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