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Visitors to the Zoo can also surprise you

When visiting a zoo, a swimming pool, or even a cinema or theater, everyone must follow the Visitor Rules. It is therefore good to read it well in advance so that some bans and orders do not jump. Knowing the conditions can be useful especially if you want to take advantage of membership or buy a ticket.

Examples of how important it is to read the visitor code and the terms of use of various discount events appear in the dTest consumer counseling center every day. Mr. Petr addressed her with a question about the conditions of use of an annual ticket in one unnamed zoo. He purchased a pet ticket for the whole family, that is, for himself and his wife and their five-year-old daughter who loves animals. During the last visit, the family decided to interrupt their visit in the middle of the day, to give up their little ones after a while while sleeping and return to the Zoo again. On re-entry, however, they had an unpleasant surprise when the cashiers told them that the annual ticket entitles the holder to only one entry a day .

"In terms of membership or the use of prepaid cards, provisions may appear that will surprise you. As regards a rule that a reasonable consumer can not expect, it will only be valid if the consumer expressly warns the consumer when signing the contract. Some provisions unreasonably restricting the use of a particular service could even be considered invalid. However, the validity of the individual conditions must always be assessed in the light of the circumstances of the particular case, " explains Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of the consumer organization dTest.

But it's not just the entry conditions, unpleasant surprises in the form of various bans can even wait inside you. For example, many swimming pools are forbidden to wear some kind of swimsuit, else you can not take pictures. You should receive similar information before entering the paid area and your stay on the premises should be limited to a reasonable degree. "A limitation that has a serious reason can never be considered disproportionate. This may be protection of public health or morality. If some of the films screened in the cinema are not made accessible to teenagers and children, then they are not prohibited conditions that violate consumer law or unauthorized discrimination, " says Lukas Zeleny.

Advertisers advertising a service or an information message should never be misleading for consumers. "If you suspect the entrepreneur is misleading when offering and delivering services, you can contact the Czech Trade Inspectorate, which will thoroughly investigate the trader's practices. The use of unfair business practices threatens to punish a businessman up to five million crowns, "concluded Green.

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