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Climate protection continues regardless of the position of US President Trump

US resignation from the Paris Climate Agreement, announced today by President Donald Trump, will begin to be valid for four years and does not mean that the US will in fact stop reducing greenhouse gas emissions [1]. But this is undoubtedly a bad signal for international cooperation on climate protection.

The Paris Accord provides a framework for a global solution to climate change and is written so as not to destroy the departure of such a strong player as the United States. However, the US accession to international emission reduction efforts is even more acute for the EU and the Czech Republic now to make the dependence on fossil fuels more acute. Oil, gas and coal are imported into the EU mainly from Russia and other unreliable countries. And they are also the cause of smog [2].

The fossil-fueled industry will be less competitive in the US, despite Trump's claim to save jobs. Coal power plants are already facing local protests because of the environmental pollution they cause. With the increasing availability of renewable energy sources, the relative price of coal is also rising.

Response to DJ Trump's decision to step down from the Paris Climate Agreement:

Jiří Koželouh , Program Director of the DUHA Movement, said:
"Donald Trump wants to work with Europe less than Barack Obama. Not only in climate protection. This fact reinforces the need to reduce our risky dependence on fossil fuels, thereby enhancing self-sufficiency and security. In addition, we need to clean the air from smog. Trump netrump, it is high time to actually run civil and municipal clean net domestic renewable energy projects, to wipe energy and raw materials waste and to reduce oil consumption in transport. "

Lukáš Hrábek , spokesperson for Greenpeace Czech Republic, said:
"At a recent G7 meeting, it became clear that European states, Canada and Japan will continue to work together to mitigate climate change, whether the US president thinks anything about them. The advanced and powerful states will not stop, due to the change in US policy and the US appearance of the Paris Treaty, and will go to unleaded energy. In a changing world, the former leader stays alone and watches as others move away. "

Klara Sutlovicova of Glopolis analytical center said:
"The UN plays a key role in addressing global threats, whether climate change or nuclear weapons control. These problems have no wall beyond US borders and bilateral contracts are short for them. Trump was to listen to his daughter, foreign minister or US business and stay with the negotiating table with China, India or Brazil, who are currently negotiating new international emission control rules. "

Jan Koubek Kejzlar from the humanitarian and development organization CARE warns:
"CARE's experience, working in 94 countries around the world, clearly demonstrates that this step can directly threaten people's lives. It is totally opposed to a need to change the approach where rich countries urgently need to reduce their own emissions and increase financial support for further measures to adapt vulnerable - mostly developing - countries - to the impacts of climate change. "

1. The United States has been cutting greenhouse gas emissions faster than the EU in recent years. Old coal-fired power stations can not compete with the development of renewable sources and gas. Coal-fired power plants are also decommissioned, as they pose a significant burden on the air and human health and are the subject of protests and actions. Renewable resources are supported at the level of states and not federally, and mainly the whole sector of the renewable industry, or even electric vehicles, is successfully developing.

2. According to an economic study that the Ministry of the Environment has prepared for anti-phosphorus law drafting, reducing dependence on fossil fuels would strengthen energy security, reduce the energy intensity of the economy and secure 14,000 jobs in the energy sector. The decline in import dependency could, according to the study , be an impetus for economic growth.

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