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The Yellow Sisters have a second Zéřinec on the children's day

Songs for children have never been more fun before. The Yellow Sisters, a four-member female akapela, made another album for children called Zvěřinec 2, which is impatiently anticipated by both small and large listeners. On Board 2 you can look forward to a roofed kun, dwarf, plush elephant, Mashrádmak elf, mum's herbs, vodka, chocolate, a steam boat trip and another adventure.

The Yellow Sisters for years are: 4 women, 4 hearts and 4 approaches to grab rhythm, melody, harmony, and create music. Nurses have expanded their ranks this time, and they have joined mainly children, both own and borrowed, who are housed on a playlist in just a few songs. "The kids were kissing us at Zvěřince 1, but they were just our own. This time we also invited the children from the singing classes we have, " says Bára Vaculíková, the experiences of shooting with children. "Was it an adventure for them? And we have experienced it with them. When it was said, "Silence, we record!", The mystery of all the mysteries before us cost twenty absolutely disciplined angels, who are generally more angry than the devil. "The regular Yellow Stereo guest beatboxer Jan Melichar also enriched the album. The plaque is fresh and, of course, the voices are pleasantly intertwined, and the ear of the listener will appreciate a number of percussion instruments that will amplify the spectrum of female vocals.

Yellow Sisters
love music and children, and they have blessings themselves. There are nine in the band. That's why, after five years, he and his other children decided to give up the Zvěřinec's favorite playlist. Antonia Nyass admits that combining music and parental responsibility is a compromise. "As some of us have children of just three, we just can not be away every night. It is a reasonable compromise and the fact that we perform with the children's program has brought us a pleasant opportunity to take our children with us. " This is confirmed by Bára Vaculíková, and although the changes affected the whole band's functioning, there is still a chance to continue. "We had to slow down a bit. From the beginning, it seemed like we were going to ride a lot in the world, but with so many kids it would not do much. It has changed our work to a great extent, two children's boards have been created, and finally, over the past two years, we have been returning to adult work. "

Writing songs for children is a bit different from that for adults, and as Bára admits it is not above the audience. "The new songs will of course first hear our children. While the songs are being created, we sing them and improve them all the time. Often, we also have kids on trial, at home in the kitchen. " And Antonia tells how important this audience is. "We are definitely interested in their opinion, and it is often a great surprise for them and what they do not do." Album Zvěřinec 2 has been thoroughly assessed by the most important listeners and the selected collection of songs will be entertained not only by adult parents but also by children.

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