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How many salt are hiding salt biscuits and waffles?

Most salt brings processed foods into the body. DTest purchased 30 kinds of packaged biscuits and wafers to find out what to look for because of the high content of hidden salt. It turned out that vanilla wafers can be as salty as salty peanuts.

Salty taste is " addictive" - ​​it gradually dulls our taste buds, so we need more salt for the same flavor. This is associated with health problems: water is retained in the body - there are swelling, high blood pressure, kidney problems, if there is little potassium intake ...

"Packaged sweet pastry is one of the most important hidden sources of salt. In addition, she can make a significant contribution to her children, " explains Hana Hoffmann, editor-in-chief of dTest. He bought 30 kinds of packed biscuits and sorted them according to the increasing proportion of salt.

"Sweets in our comparison have shown that the salt content of different products of the same category may vary considerably. For example, Opavia serves as a golden wafers with hazelnut filling, with 0.4% salt being the least salty. On the contrary, the similar Schär Gluten free Wafers alla vaniglia, with 1.4% salt, was the most salty. In particular, it is the same amount of salt as we can find for example in salt peanuts , " says Hoffmann. "However, the same products differ depending on the flavor of the filling, which is well illustrated by the pair of Brumíks from Opava. While apricot is enough with 0.58%, the milk contains 0.83% salt. Therefore , the same type or brand can be relied on , " says Hoffmann.

The human organism needs about 1 g of salt per day for its functioning. At the world average, she receives ten times more, and in the case of Czech men it is even sixteen times. The salt content therefore belongs to the information that must be shown on the packaging of the product. However, a customer who does not have enough time to study them is not won. Legislation allows the manufacturer to voluntarily declare nutrition data for one serving.

Since the regulations do not say how big one serving is, the manufacturers have the option to identify it as small as possible. Thus, the most favorable numbers are often obtained at the appropriate packaging location. "Up to six exceptions, all the products in our comparison indicated the nutritional data in the serving and in the vast majority of cases it was considered a biscuit or wafer. Realistically, Brumik stood up, for whom he had all the contents of the pack. On the other hand, other products from Opava such as Bebe cookies are good in the morning, each of the three pieces is packed separately, " concludes Hoffmann.

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