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Fuck up! The shooting of the new Czech film Bajkeři begins

Summer comedy Bajkeři, according to the scenario of one of the most sought-after authors, Petr Kolečka, will sit on the wheels of three young Czech actors - Adam Mišík, Jan Komínka and Vojta Machutu. And along with them Hanu Vagner, Celeste Buckingham, Pavel Nečas, Tomáš Matonohu, Václav Postránecký or Michal Suchánek.

The shooting of the "Bajker" will start in Prague in late May, and the whole of June will be turned into a beautiful natural environment around Telč and Czech Canada. Directed by Martin Kopp , the director of Street Sets, Vinaři, Fiery Chicken, as well as co-founder of cult football Vyšehrad.

Videos from the trials and cycling training of the main representatives here .

Bajkeres promise to be a summer comedy in the style of snowboards and rafters. Insufficient brothers Jakub and David, along with friend Sasa, spend most of their time in the social networking world. Relationships for them represent chalets with virtual girls they have never seen, living a fake fashion show in which they pretend something that is not the biggest life problem, then a discharged cell phone or a broken wifi. On the pressure of their parents they are forced to go under the leadership of David's charming "macechy" Tereza on a twenty-kilometer bicycle flight.

Surprisingly, they find out that there is a real world out there in which life means more than facebook status, real girls look a little bit better than cartoon action heroes of virtual games, and love also includes sex. The collision with life carries some pitfalls, but with humor, this time ironically "Kolečkovsky" , you can handle not only the hill climb uphill, the tent construction, the missing electric socket but also the sok in love.

In the main roles will be a trio of young actors - star of the TV show Your face has a well-known voice Adam Mišík , Jan Kominek , who has also played the main role in the fairy tale Pravý rytíř and Vojtěch in addition to the roles in the television series Street, Horse Signs or Wedding in Venice Machuta , who starred in Gympl with (r) limited learning or Winery. Sexy girls Celeste Buckingham , actresses Julie Šurková and Štěpánka Fingerhutová , whom we can know from the comedy Doubles, or exotic singer and dancer Esther Lubadika , who has taken part in one of the Czech Republic Slovakia competition, have the talents.

In the roles of parents and their partners we will see Hanu Vagnerová, Pavel Nečas, Tomáš Matonohu, Vandu Hybnerová, Michal Suchánek or Václav Postránecký. The comedy with music by Jan P. Muchow also promises the duet Mišík / Buckingham as well as one musical surprise. The producer of the film is Tomáš Vican , who stood behind the "wine-growing" Berry, Berus, the Lidice Drama, or the TV series Vinaři, the main partner of the film is Prima TV. In cinemas, you will be able to extend the summer with the Bajkee comedy from October 19, when the film will be announced by the distribution company Falcon.

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