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"Swim" and "alternative nutrition" are dangerous

Human nutrition is a wide area today, covering various directions, controversy and opinions, psychological, social and social influences. It is a theme that is addressed by many experts, many lay people, many societies and individuals at the level of the entire population. Especially women often solve their diet from an early age. Diet is an integral part of modern times.

Now, during the summer holiday planning period, it is equally important for a large number of women to quickly lose weight in swimsuits as they choose a dream destination. The first of the dreams, however, often carries too high a price. "Most women who decide to keep a diet put an unreasonable strain on them and try to stick very strictly to a regime that is unnatural to the body ," says Ing. Tereza Bočková, nutritional therapist at the Center Anabell.

With energy-undervalued diet and pressure that puts on the physical and psychic aspects of man, this regime is frustrated and frustrated. This process does not end and the slogan "from tomorrow" or "from Monday" usually starts again.

"If a strict, low-energy diet is successful with a strong self-control, we are at the limit of eating disorder. Swimwear is the motif that already works through the media on elementary school pupils. It is therefore one of the risky influences of the environment for the development of eating disorders starting mostly inconspicuously,
" warns Ing. Tereza Bočková.

Summer dietary madness may have the form of eating anorexia because of the fact that in hot weather the person is not hungry or appetizing for food other than fruits, vegetables and the like. It is not dangerous for a healthy person to relieve their diet over the summer in a reasonable way, but they should not lack the resources of all the necessary nutrients - proteins, carbohydrates and fats in an adequate amount.

Alternate nutritional guidelines are mostly not scientifically substantiated

Diet is nowadays also closely related to the theme of alternative eating habits. The most well-known alternative nutritional guidelines include vegetarian and vegan diet, macrobiotic diet, divided diet, paleo diet, low carb dieting, nutrition by blood groups and others. Modern organic food is also organic.

"Alternative nutritional guidelines are mostly not based on knowledge in the field of nutrition physiology, and their significance to humans is scientifically unsubstantiated. Yet they can have a rational core and often bring positive health effects. In the extreme concept, however, they again carry the risk of diets with insufficient energy and essential macronutrients and micronutrients, " says Ing. Tereza Bočková, nutritional therapist at the Center Anabell.

In connection with eating disorders, we are talking about orthorexia . Orthorexia is perceived as a form of mental anorexia, in which the ill explain their behavior by a healthy lifestyle or presumed health problems.

The time in which slimness and character are so determined by the self-worth of a person and his image in society creates enormous pressure on the ability to maintain a healthy attitude in relation to fashionable dietary trends.

The right lifestyle includes a diet consisting of completely normal foods in reasonable quantities combined with plenty of physical activity.
An important role in this approach is played by education and training in early childhood, and the right relationship to eating is largely determined by a healthy relationship with one another.

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