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Traveling for film gourmets: In the footsteps of Congo, Mummy and Jack Sparrow

This year is a very successful film blockbuster. The movie continues with the legendary King Kong, and the film Fast and Furious is also surprising. But captain Jack Sparrow or mythical Mummy will appear on the screen.

However, the film experience does not have to start and end in the cinema. We bring you some holiday tips, during which you can discover the places that appeared in the Hollywood showers.

Burning sun and sand dunes from the Mummy. In Namibia.

The Namib Desert is supposedly the oldest desert in the world and is still covered with many secrets. It is no wonder, therefore, that the film makers of the mysterious Mummy have also chosen the area for their filming. The whole area is home to wild horses, whose origin is a mystery in this wasteland. In the middle of nowhere, the town of Kolmanskop emerges as the face of the morgan, the place that belonged to the most hungry during the diamond fever, but today it is nicknamed the city of spirits. Another of the legendary deserts is Kalahari, which offers unique sunsets.

Look out for exotic plants and animals in the nature safari of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. There are freely moving cute giraffes, but also predators like a lion or a cheetah. Namibia in all its beauty, including volcanic areas, you can see in the sightseeing flights, where several variants are offered here. If you want to rent a car and a route to plan yourself, you will need both Czech and international drivers. "A passport is required to enter Namibia, which must be valid for at least 6 months after returning from the planned trip. Additionally, a visa issued by Namibian embassies abroad must be arranged at the border crossing points or at the airport. Given that the nearest Embassy of Namibia is in Vienna, it is worthwhile to plan the trip well in advance, " says Michal Tůma (Invia).

Sea of ​​Treasure and sandy beaches offer the Australian islands

After a six-year break, this year's movie series of Pirates of the Caribbean returns to cinemas. The story of an adventure film, entitled Salazar's revenge, takes place this time in Australia, notably near Queensland. The breeze of the captivating captain Jack Sparrow in the movie, and the beautiful sandy beaches you can enjoy for yourself. Ideal conditions for swimming and exploring the undersea world include, for example, Hamilton Island. You can rent a yacht and enjoy a cruise on the open sea. The treasures hidden by the local rich sea can be found during diving.

The adventure atmosphere also underlines the size of the island. It has an area of ​​only five square kilometers, and normal car is banned throughout Hamilton Island. However, you can reach all the places of interest comfortably on your own. You can also use the free local public transport.

Cuba's exotic atmosphere of film Fast and furious

Cuba is a very popular destination for action film directors. Local mountains crossed by wild roads and railways are often the backdrop of dangerous movie car chases. Cuba has also selected filmmakers Fast and Furious for their filming as one of their destinations. You can explore the streets of Havana and the local historic cars and go through all the places where the colorful veterans of the film street race have gone.

When visiting Cuba you will be particularly interested in its diversity and clash of history with the present. While the old part of the city offers views of the most beautiful colonial buildings that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, the new part of the city has the characteristics of a typical modern metropolis. A visit to Plaza Vieja from the sixteenth century, where Baroque buildings adjoin houses inspired by Gaudí's architecture. You should not omit to visit a factory to make famous Cuban cigars and rum. For the evening walk is the ideal Malecón, an eight mile long coastal promenade that gets the right atmosphere right at evening.

The island of skulls, which is dominated by the scary Kong

Another of these movie blockbusters offers an interesting story of adventurers who venture to explore an unknown territory and come across a monstrous ruler there. In addition to the exciting story, the film is also unique in nature. Even if you're in the Kong: Skull Island environment, take the footsteps of filming Hawaiian Kauai Island. Although this is the world's driest area, Mount Waialeale, this island is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. The local landscape forms a long six million years here, creating volcanoes reaching the height of our Krkonoše.

Not only lovers of beautiful nature, but also lighted athletes will come to theirs. The first surfers have been waving their waves right here and the ideal conditions for water sports are here. "The beachfront Coconut Beach is just twenty minutes from Lihue. Nearby is the Coconut Market Place with plenty of shops and restaurants. On site you can rent a car and travel with it to the beauty of the island at will, " says Michal Tůma. Visit Pali, waterfalls area, or the famous Pearl Harbor. The largest dominant of the island is the Waimea Canyon with its length of sixteen kilometers. It gives you a splendid view of the landscape, which does not hide any high-rise buildings. On the whole island there is a ban on buildings that are higher than coconut palms.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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