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The main symptoms of heart attack or stroke - learn to know them!

Chest pain, sudden motion and speech discomfort, or severe pain in the lower limbs. The manifestations of serious cardiovascular disease can be very diverse. Do you know when you need to be alert and call for help immediately?


If the atherosclerotic plaque completely closes the coronary artery, the myocardial infarction develops in a few minutes. It is caused by irreversible damage to the heart cells that are subject to so-called necrosis.

The main clinical manifestation of myocardial infarction is typically resting long-lasting squeezing or burning chest pain that can spread to the neck, lower jaw, tooth, one or both of the upper limbs, may be felt in the back or abdomen.
Another typical signal is dyspnea , which is caused by the accumulation of blood in the lungs due to insufficient function of the heart pump.
Infarction is also often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and excessive sweating .
In severe cases, a state of shock or unconsciousness develops . Shock is characterized by lowering blood pressure, accelerating cardiac action, and blood and organ disorders. The patient is noticeably pale and swollen, the skin of the extremities of the body is also pale and cold.

Threat in the name of stroke

The mechanism of stroke or stroke is similar to stroke. However, every part of the brain is specialized in other activities, the manifestations of this event are so rich and depend on the damaged areas of the brain tissue. The alarming symptoms include:
Walking difficulties - it may be bumping, sudden dizziness, loss of balance, and coordination of movements.
Speech and Understanding Problems
- Disabled individuals often do not understand , spit, talk, or use vulgar expressions.
Face and arm or leg facial and numbness
- difficulty is typically one-sided, the first sign is a dropped corner or an inability to lift both hands over your head.
Visual disturbances - it may be a complete loss of vision, blurred or double vision.
Sudden, severe headache - accompanied by vomiting, dizziness and disturbances of consciousness.

When your legs are not bloodied

Ischemic disease of the lower limbs is a generic indication for poor blood circulation in their tissues. The disorder first manifests itself with a feeling of cold feet and loss of hair. Later there are violent pains that occur especially when walking and retreat after stopping. In heavier cases, the pains appear even in rest - they are the worst at night, partial relief brings the legs from the bed. The last stage of the disease is on the legs to develop ulcers and gangrene. Dying tissue can affect the entire limb and endanger it with amputation.

If you get any of these symptoms with yourself or your loved ones, do not even think and call your doctor immediately. Your speed and alert can save human life.

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