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Cuky and Luky enter the Czech cinemas in the feature film Karel Janák

On 18 May, the Czech crazy comedy Cuky Luky Film will begin in Czech cinemas. The Slovak comedy couple Cuka a Luky, performed by Petra Polnišová and Zuzana Šebová, is known for short sketches and Kredenc TV show, where they parody a certain group of women.

The humor of both women sharply and intelligently points to current events, and in their stylization of superficial and silly masters often balances on the absolute edge of spectator empathy. Still, their skits are a great success, which only proves they are reaching out to a wide range of fans.

The feature-length story was directed by Czech director Karel Janák (Snowboarders, Raftiacs, Twelve Moons ...)

Cuky Luky Movie

The former Miss Slovakia 2004, Luky (Zuzana Šebová) , reminds many of the contemporary celebrities who, even after their five minutes of glory, hold in the spotlight. Her counterpart is Cuky (Petra Polnišová) - unsuccessful blogger dependent on "laymen" and fans. She condemns the super show business, but at the same time does anything to make it part of her for a while.

Cuky and Luky
are a film couple, but they also represent archetypes that can be seen everywhere in Slovakia, in the Czech Republic and around the world. Cuky Luky The film makes fun of celebrity smiley, boulevard, commerce and, last but not least, of itself. The audience will bring an original, funny and functional story of the most famous Slovak friendship on the backdrop of the absurd attempt to make a celebrity from a "common woman" and at the same time introduce the phenomenon of women's comic pair to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She is known to the audience, for example, thanks to the pair of Tina Fey & Amy Poehler and Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer, and is unique not only in Slovakia but also in the world comedy scene.


Petra Polnisova studied puppet acting at VŠMU in Bratislava. She spent two years at the Teatro Laboratorio Mangiafuoco Theater in Milan. In Slovakia she became a member of GUnaGu Theaters in Bratislava, L + S, New Stage and Arena.
She has appeared on television on SOS, where she was also a screenwriter and dramaturgist. In 2007, she starred in the film Muzika, starring Milade Buciova. For this role, she was nominated for the National Film Awards, Sun in the Network. In 2006, she won the Talent of the Year award, also won the award of Stana Radiča as the discovery of the year, OTO 2007 in humorist category, absolute OTO 2007 and OTO 2009 in the actress category. Czech audiences know Pete Polnisova from the TV series Dr. Martin.
Petra also co-authored the film for CUKY LUKA FILM.

Zuzana Šebová
studied at the Conservatory in Bratislava. She worked for a long time in the Jan Palacker Theater in Trnava, where she left after performing eleven years. Spectators could also see her in the performances of the GUNAGU Theater in Bratislava or in the television series The Awakened, Ordinary in a Pink Garden or Panelák.
Her name is also mentioned in connection with the actor Michal Kubovcik, who has been making a couple of years with her and who also played her serial friend (Panelák.). They also appeared in the popular sketch show Haló or Kredenc. In the years 2015 and 2016, she won the OTO Audience Award in the actress category.
Zuzana is also co-author of the CUKY LUCKY FILM comedy script

Karel Janák , the pioneer of Czech versions of foreign comedies teenagers, hitmaker and the "most American" Czech director, studied at FAMU the department of direction. At the beginning of his career he mainly directed commercials. He has received many awards for advertising work, such as Silver Promax in Cologne or Best Film Promotion in Seville.

The breakthrough in his career was in 2004 the film Snowborďáci, which won the Czech Lion 2004 Award for the most successful film. In March 2006, his new film Rafťáci came to the cinemas, played by Jiří Mádl and Vojtěch Kotek, and in November of the same year - with the same main pair - the movie Ro (c) to the podvržáky.

In 2009, he shot the film "Let the Knights Live!". In 2012 he finished the television fair Twelve Months. Two years later, in 2014, with the next comedy, 10 new rules came to pack the girl.

Cuky Luky Movie

Director: Karel Janák
Starring: Petia Polnišová, Zuzana Šebová, Diana Droga, Lucia Bila, Dana Dangl, Lukáš Latinák, Barbora Švidranova, Zuzana Porubjaková, Števo Martinovic, Roman Pomajbo, Milan Lasica ...

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