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New Flowers Announce a new album at the end of May

Brněnské alternativy The flowers give a new composition Byt understands how the new record will sound after the big change that took place in the band in the autumn of 2016. During this period the band has undergone the greatest personal and musical transformation since the release of the album Střela stopped in amber. The original quartet is now a trio, so the new album, from which the House comes from, is expected with great tension.

The new album will be named Comic in the eighth and release date is 25.5.2017


"The apartment is the first single of the album because it also symbolizes a number of things related to the new album." Martin E. Kypersperky says, adding. "It's a song shot at the first attempt. It will not succeed at all. The energy has completely broken off the chain. I moved from the periphery to the city center for a year, near the cinema and the large park. And this song is about the place and the love I had there. And also that it is good to give someone whom you love freedom. "

The band Květy performed for eight years and recorded four albums in the same set. In the autumn of 2016 there was a significant change, when Martin Kyšperský and Aleš Pilgra completed the multi-instrumentalist Ondřej Kyas , among others the founder and court composer of Ensembl Opera Diversa. From the iconic Brno band Květy went bass player Ondřej Čech and violinist Albert Novák. The last song in the old set was the song Town .

The Flowers Group was first founded at the Elementary School in the mid-1990s and then again in 2000 by Martin E. Kyšperský. The basic support of the set is drummer and multi-instrumentalist Aleš Pilgr. Although the band has been experimental and searchable from the beginning to the present, the number of its audience has spread to a very broad spectrum. We appreciate the strong texts, the arranging color, the brilliant artistic solution of the cover plates, the natural concerts and the presence of humor. Over time, the group has reached many countries (Serbia, Austria, Poland, France, the Netherlands). The sound changed from the acoustic to the increasingly electric. In addition to the first album released in 2003 (dissected and re-released in 2009), all albums were released by Indies Scope. Almost all of them were nominated for the Angel Award, three times (2006, 2009, 2015) also won the prize. Albums are highly prized in radio broadcasts (Radio Wave, Proglas ..)

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