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Rapid heartbeat after eating? He wants to change!

Strong feelings and accelerated heartbeat is not always a symptom of a serious disease. Maybe you've just eaten some of the foods that cause this phenomenon. Reveal how together food and fast heart rate may be related.

Goodness, what heart beat faster

Accelerated heartbeat, feeling of irregular heart rhythm or vibration in the chest - these expressions are called palpitations. Can you describe once repeatedly during a meal or shortly thereafter. The reason for this are:
particular food
some ingredients in foods,
Dietary Supplements,
pattern of consumption.

Foods containing a large amount of a substance called tyramine can increase blood pressure and cause palpitations. These include mature cheese, dried fruit or nuts. Increased heart rate and cause products in which there is a substance theobromine. Commonly found in chocolate and cocoa.

Beware of additives and supplements

Palpitations may be the body's response to monosodium glutamate, a substance that is used to enhance the flavor of some foods. Glutamate is often found in dried preparations and preserves. Neither dietary supplements, which for themselves want to do something beneficial, not every body suffer as well. Which products is good to choose wisely?
Ginseng used against fatigue.
Recommended valerian for insomnia .
Bitter orange coveted weight loss.

When uncertainty for doctors

If you suspect that a particular food or ingredient in your cause rapid beating of the heart , so try to avoid foods or ingredients. It can be observed through the records of all foods and carefully read labels on foods. But if you have any doubts about whether the trouble is just a meal, or when added to other heart problems, it should be examined by a doctor.

Reconsider diet

Changes in heart rate may also be responsible for the overall composition of the diet. If you know in one of these points, maybe that explains and your pulse quicken:
low potassium caused by lack of foods rich in this substance (e.g. beef, bananas, spinach)
lack of fluids,
drinking heavily of hot meals,
diet with plenty of blanks containing preservatives.

quiet dining

Accelerated heartbeat may be associated with or otherwise than with the particular composition of foods. If after finished up quickly and rapidly pick up from the table, the heart begins to work intensively. Therefore, you may feel palpitations. The same thing happens if you eat in a hurry and break for a meal makes you stress. Try lunch at a nearby afford enough time and rest - the body certainly knows the difference.

Author of the article: Mgr. Petra Kováčová
Source: U lékař

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