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Asthma and Allergies: Linked together, but not always!

Asthma most often associate with allergies. Some, however, know that often it is also a mental illness running. Where is the truth? Consult with us the causes of the frequent annoying disease.

Mostly asthma occur in early childhood, but sometimes even in adolescence or adulthood. It is a chronic, i.e. permanent airway inflammation. Trachea and bronchi asthma are sensitive to specific inducing stimulus to respond to swelling and narrowing its lumen. So it air flows more difficult, not only the lungs, but especially of them. In the lungs, thus accumulating old, already stale air and a person starts to cough, wheeze and choke. What are triggers?

Exercise and dirty air

Among the precipitating factors of asthma include:
Allergies . It is the most common cause is a typical example of sensitivity to dust mites, mold, animal dander or pollen. This threatens all asthma allergy sufferers, as well as people who are allergic or asthmatic family.
Dust and gases. It can affect people living in cities, but more often in terms of occupational illness related to those who inhale dust, gas or other hazardous substances at work. Attention: this includes cigarette smoke!
Physical exertion. De facto it is a milder form of asthma, dyspnoea that occur only in sports. At rest, a person breathes normally, without significant narrowing of the airways.
Stress. Asthma is one of the typical psychosomatic illnesses - that is, those where the physical manifestation of the disease actually caused by mental stimulus. Frequent is the asthma in children who suffer from unhappy family life or bullying at school. But it can also affect adults stressed.
Reflux. It is a climb of acidic stomach contents up the esophagus to the airway due to malfunctioning of the esophageal sphincter.
Some medications. Certain types of beta-blockers, drugs for heart rhythm , asthma may worsen rather than directly invoke. This also applies to one type of painkiller - NSAIDs, which include eg. Ibuprofen.

But it would be wrong to think that on the basis of these reasons, we distinguish six kinds of asthma. The reason of illness is often a mixture of more than one factor, and sometimes even mystery to doctors. The fact is that, for example psychologically conditioned asthma can flare up without involving an allergic or other irritating ingredients, but the opposite is true.
Incurable, but solvable

Asthma is one never completely rid of it. His treatment is not currently reached such a level that patients often feel completely healthy. Apart from tablets and respirable compositions used regularly known as the inhalation aerosols "emergency", which are applied only with difficulty or before physical exertion. Especially childhood asthma can be compensated so well that a teenager has no limitation for the patient in this age often neglected or self-terminating treatment. That is not correct. Chronic inflammation in the airways may be slowly creeping back and again cause breathing difficulties that a person with his life and daily habits are waving nicely.

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