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Bright Noodles celebrate 25 years on the music scene

Great atmosphere at the symbolic twenty-five concerts, a program full of new and old hits. Clubs fully satisfied and have a great entertainer fans in many places, including two concerts in Prague, and completely sold out long in advance. It was the spring club tour, which started the Slovak Bright Noodles year, which will include the celebration of the twenty-five year action Nitra Four on Czech and Slovak stages.

"I would like the band name to thank for a fantastic atmosphere, full of mutual energy that we get from our fans transported to all twenty concerts and that we all did a great joy," says a band and its team of Petr Fořt, a tour organized and worth all the time for successful career of the band in the Czech Republic, adding: "it was just the beginning and we believe that other gifts and surprises that we have prepared for fans as part of our common celebration, they will bring the same pleasure."

What they therefore intend Bright Noodles?

The new album under the name of Karol Vizionează that comes before the fall tour. In the operating heat of the moment it is not just a band, but also a columnist Jaroslav Špulák. He wrote a book called "continental continue ..." which should be out before the holidays. The book takes fans behind the scenes functioning of the Nitra band. The highlight of the annual celebration will be just grand tour, which again symbolically in 25 cities accompany the release of a fresh album. And even before the May 1 launch regular presale can have between 25 and 30 April connoisseurs among fans of the band purchased through the site with special packages album or book at a discounted price.

In all twenty-five concert tour as special guests of the punk-rock band zakázanÝovoce which acts on the scene for the 12th year. In late 2016, she released her latest studio album, Thank you! That YouTube has surpassed 1.5 million views. Another guest will be touring metal project Mean Messiah producer and founder of Studio for The Barn Dana Frimla. Their debut album released worldwide Hell Polish label Via Nocturna.

Nitranská band Bright Noodles, which celebrates a quarter century in 2017, have for their existence in his career built on the Slovak and the Czech Republic unshakable position. On separate stints sold out clubs, cultural centers and sports halls. Noodles have become a popular festival stalwart across the two republics, took place over 2000 concerts, issued 15 albums on youtube have over 100 million views on the Facebook profile of 200,000 fans and in the current poll Nightingale was awarded the audience as the second most popular Slovak band.

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