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Out - Czech film makers will compete at Cannes

From 17 to 28 May in Cannes, France held the 70th jubilee edition of the most important film festival in the world. This year, the feast of cinephiles will also take place for Czech participation. The prestigious competition Un Certain Regard section was selected snapshot Out (Ed .: name will not be translated) Slovak director György Kristóf, shot in the Slovak-Hungarian-Czech co-production. The Czech side is the image involved producer Jiří Konečný and co-produced it FAMU. The film was supported by the State Fund for Cinematography.

Road movie debut of screenwriter and director György Kristóf, FAMU students, tells the story of fifties Agoston, who embarks on a journey eastern Europe desperate to find work and fulfill his dream - to catch big fish. The journey moves it deeper into the sea of ​​bizarre events and meetings. One of the roles played by Slovak actress Judit Bárdos.

"Out Film is a typical example of how movies produced today - a natural participation of more countries - and how the Czech Republic opened the international cooperation that is common in other countries," says the director of the Czech Film Center Markéta Šantrochová.

Formation of the film Out was supported by a minority co-production of the State Fund for Cinematography amount of 3.5 million CZK. "The film offers a vivid odyssey older unemployed man from Slovakia issued for work on the north of Europe and there is yet to fulfill his lifelong dream. This is a project that supremely artistic means reflects the transformation of our wider region and has significant potential for the festival. Into production is very well prepared and the Council, it complies with both decided to support assessments, "came in a statement the Council of State Fund of Cinematography in 2015, when the grant was awarded.

Director György Kristóf (b. 1982 in Kosice) says: "I am glad that at the first attempt, we managed to make a film that can compete at the highest international level. From script development to postproduction work all the Czech contribution to film and very crucial respect him. "

The film participated in a number of Czech entities - Czech producer is Jiří Konečný (endorfilm), who has to his credit a number of successful films, including co-productions, for example. A fifth ship, Koza, Family film, Aferim !, Night Too Young, still together, and more. Post-production of the film took place in UPP studies, film editor Adam Brothánek (Sister, Trabant to the last breath, Good hunting!), A sound engineer, Jan Richtr (De Potentia Dei, Daniel's World). Producer George finally said: "The long wait for a film with a strong creative Czech participation in the competition program of Cannes is over. I congratulate and thank all those who contributed to the film. "


Power plant closes - in the eastern Slovak dominated by unemployment. Agoston, fifties family type, embarks on a journey in Eastern Europe desperate to find work and fulfill his dream - to catch big fish. In the Baltics and finds himself with nothing. This way it moves deeper into the sea of ​​bizarre events and meetings: high-friendly wife, a Russian friend with malicious intent and a sad stuffed rabbit without ears. Waves rub against the sand, again returning to the sea. The new wave is coming to wipe off the previous one. Here the sea ends, certainly does not begin here.

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