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Weekly Horoscope Apr 17 to Apr 23, 2017

Weekly Horoscope Apr 17 to Apr 23, 2017 Maybe you all over your head and do not know where to go. But, believe me, it is purely and simply about the "zpropadených 'priorities ..

Week (shorter - posváteční :-)) 18. 4. 2017 - 23. 4. 2017

Beran (3.21-4.20)
Dear Lambs, will be important to calm his emotions and realize what is essential and what is secondary. Through this awareness can be reached to resolve the current situation .. Material sphere lets quiet life, you have everything just right so that you can be calm. You do not want more, at the moment it is a private matter passe .. accept as fact, and do anything to reverse. Beneficial for you is, if you can do to align their actions with events. Try to be a little more flexible - not the navel of the world .. ;-)

Bull (21.4-5.20)

Dear Young bulls, do not evade any way that you offer. You will not regret. And that's life cycle, you are in good confirms more than ever .. Minor clashes around at work or finances do not take not fundamentally. It's just that you do not start to get bored, nothing more .. ;-) In the privacy of your spring with a chance for a new beginning - at least reconsider its current position to your life and you act a little more purposefully. This will be the best thing for themselves can actually do. So do not delay ..

Gemini (5.21-6.21)

Dear Gemini, you, if possible, Throw anything you any way restricts, inhibits, or is malfunctioning. It's time for a big spring cleaning. And the reference material, depending on the needs .. Material sphere requires you to not hurry anywhere, but rather you have to hold back and listen to everything around. You might learn some things useful .. In the passenger area looks great on exhaustion - especially emotional. Maybe you all over your head and do not know where to go. But, believe me, it is purely and simply about the "zpropadených 'priorities. Again!..

Cancer (22.6-22.7.)

Dear gulls, you would love these days should help to cope with everything. Applies to you saying about love being transmitted mountains. Believe who is closest to you .. the problem in certain substantive issues you have only to show that there are other ways to grapple with something. The path to the goal does not only one, do not be so strict .. Personal situation is currently fixed. You do not want anything to change and improve, be a little more humble, because humility is what you are missing a little in the way of happiness. I therefore can something longed to escape ..

Lion (23.7 to 23.8).

Dear Lowchens, many of you may be after the holidays mildly unwell - health. It should not be a big deal, but believe that the increased level of relaxation can not go wrong .. Disputes at work will stem from irritability and fatigue perhaps, than was something substantive. Try not to argue, even in the store shopping. Unhelpful .. In the privacy of your fatigue is reflected, too, but there will be a combination of laziness and distaste for anything. Old friends "when they want, it's worse than when he can not." It will not add or cold weather. Open a classy book and wait for warmer days. Well, April - I'm still there ..

Virgin (8.24-9.23)

Precious Dolls, luck comes to you and you have to enjoy the satisfaction and well-deserved relaxation. Communicate with your friends, do not wait until they hear .. Material worry roll these days his head. Are you in that direction inclined upper protective forces that need space for their actions. You therefore doing much, because if you get involved, you soon realize that it was unnecessary energy .. In private, you usually do really well, you look happy. Just remember that relationships need care, there is still nurture something new. Search for new inspiration, because, as you know, on our laurels is not sleeping! .. :)

Balance (24.9-23.10)

Dear Libra, inconvenience you might avoid. The only exception might be your flawed approach, hasty trial. Do not condemn anyone for anything you've experienced yourself, because you could soon find themselves in the same situation themselves - often that Destiny can arrange and love doing it. Hold strictly to the motto: "Judge, when you will experience" .. Minor disputes in the financial sector can occur where there is a long "boring". To make something happen. But none of it will not be fatal, so advance nehruťte .. ;-) do not want their privacy at the moment does not change and improve. It will be more favorable time probably ever. Now it is more than necessary to compare with reality. Nothing more, nothing less ..

Scorpio (24.10-11.22)
Dear Scorpions, will be ideal not to avoid company and have for people from your neighborhood heart open. And take time for them! Arrange a meeting povelikonoční, you will not regret .. With finances can fight a bit, but nothing big it will be. Feel the reality. There is no reason to panic .. The privacy rules downright love. If you do not have someone at your side, then now is the perfect time to look after someone. Go where sometimes you do not go. It is necessary to change the time-honored traditions. And if you have your pet is not at all the things also look someplace you've never been, and enrich the storehouse of memories for a retirement home .. :))

Sagittarius (11.23-21.12.)

Dear shooters, do not give anything prematurely approaching reversal with a curative effect. Have patience, everything has a solution .. The material matters do not judge anybody prematurely, without knowing any context. It must respect the decision of someone else. Your view, whether you like it or not, is really secondary .. In private, you tend to hesitate with a decision. Most hurt by him. Chances of success are reduced in proportion to the length of your hesitation. Either find the courage to step "into the unknown", or surrender in advance. But those of you who pays ?? ..

Capricorn (12.22-1.20)

Dear Ibexes when thrive and thrive! You come across a very positive emotional strength that you have to open some new horizons. Snag may be just where you do not want to change the current way of life - then do not expect that something will change "itself" .. Positively, you tuned in work, and therefore you are able to successfully climb the problem behind the problem. Nothing would not be a problem. For you. Keep it up .. ;-) Change, and quite fundamental, could take place in private. It could be helping a fluke. Something you might not even expect it, yet it appears the chance to realize his vision. Hoping and believing in yourself will pay off ..

Aquarius (1.21-2.19)

Dear Aquarius, not that you could not, but somehow you do not want - nothing. Tuned by you after the holidays can be attributed to the weather, which you do not enjoy even a little. It is not, but to hedge patience and look Teplicko. And I kind of remember that your surroundings for the "bad mood" and aversion to anything not .. Material sphere face satisfactorily, nothing should not surprise you. Figuratively speaking: basic needs are covered, do not expect more. Not in these days .. Privacy indicating peace and serenity. Perhaps because you do not have the energy to argue or organize something. It's now just as good and just! Relax, solves nothing ..

Fish (20.2-3.20)

Dear Fish, appears among you a kind of restlessness. It will be necessary to clarify what is paramount for you - once you have a clear, everything is easier. Try to be generous, and you understand that others have a right to their problems. Act with a cool head .. substantive issues to resolve absolutely brilliantly, there appears to be art at the right moment experience. Do not refuse a request for advice. For advice, not money! .. Again, you have a tendency to clamp the past. It's not the best approach. You should have a little command, because this way the path to happiness really does. It is wiser to plan tomorrow .. ;-)

Famous words to ponder:

"Neodpoutávej never from your dreams! When you disappear, you continue to exist, but stop living. "(Mark Twain)

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