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Maximilian celebrates first birthday

Saturday's celebration of the first birthday of a male Indian elephant in Prague zoo Max really enjoyed it. Shortly after eleven o'clock breeders brought all elephant and two cubs - Max and Rudi - the enclosure of elephants in the Valley, where he watched a large crowd of visitors.

Max was ready to sign his name from fruits and vegetables from a great one. Breeder Aleš Doležal to dobrotám escorted Max and his colleagues fed the nearby elephant that had to be some time honoree goodies for himself. He immediately took advantage and started tasting vegetables. The greatest joy, but he made another gift, a huge ball of fresh wicker. She also tried to taste, but mainly it rolling and tossing it.

Other goodies came from Max actress Jitka Čvančarová who came to congratulate him today and naughty baby elephant was delighted. Honoree wished follows: "Dear Max, I wish you from my heart for your first birthday you to be healthy, always cheerful and joyful and let you have a lot of friends. We like you! With love and Jitka cvanci Gang. "

The final point of today's celebrations were exercising when Max showed what was the first year of his life taught. Maximilian training, which is handling the elephants kept in direct contact necessary, very fun and joy carried over to onlookers visitors.

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Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Václav Šilha, Prague Zoo

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