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The Complication aspire to rock the discovery of the season

They drive, make music on their own and the result sounds great! The talented foursome Complication you with his second recording Aspiring Child says emphatically attention. Their deployment, which one pours on stage, managed to transform the energetic charge on the second studio album.

In music, loud guitar-based, dense bass and dynamic drums, see, despite all the strings torn and broken sticks, catchy melodic lines and expressive choruses that use the votes of all members of the band. Headed by the charismatic and great singing Jackobem Sens will leave the band at rest and when they listen to you want to make this ride never ends.

Less than three years after the debut of U (2014) and three singles that were released during the next two years, based on new album Aspiring Child . "The name plate is based on the song that closes the album," says singer Jackob Sence, adding: "Its text had great functions as a parallel to her during filming."
The film was shot in Studio Bomb Jack since the summer of 2016 and to the final form is heavily involved Vasek out to produce Dreiseitl. "The view from the outside, added a new dimension. And honestly, none of us would have thought of using the song needed a harp, "says Jackob Sence. The album, hence the band does not hide his inspiration period of rock music of the nineties, when the world was dominated hitparádám Rage Against The Machine, Faith No More and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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