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Weekly Horoscope Apr 3 to Apr 9, 2017

Weekly Horoscope Apr 3 to Apr 9, 2017 It would be desirable to establish clearer rules and to require compliance. If someone refers to democracy, remind him that this is indeed about freedom, but x fifty fifty with responsibility ..

Week: 3. 4. 2017 - 9. 4. 2017

Beran (3.21-4.20)
Dear Lambs, should be put to the test in the form required patience. Once prevail eagerness for success can forget .. Calm approach requires a situation at work or around finances. Do not rush to judgment or, as with any other investment. In your own interest .. The privacy headed sort of unexpected emotional impulse. Love at first sight, reconciliation with loved ones, etc. A positive result can wait wherever you leave the past behind you and look ahead ..

Bull (21.4-5.20)

Dear Young bulls, do not panic, no matter what. On your side is a happy coincidence that you enter in your way when you need it. Nothing is as hot as they cook, and to think first of all .. Material sector shows some reward for your patient work. Where did you bet on endurance and did not result immediately, there wait for success .. In private threatens loss may crumble health, as well as relationships; however, you eventually have more luck than sense. Indeed, if you give to a devil whispers, but his sound judgment, will be well ..

Gemini (5.21-6.21)

Dear Gemini, trust and his closest friends. For them these days are, thanks to them, you feel good. Stick to their company .. The material sector will need to continue on your position, stand by my opinion. However if you want to force anyone to the contrary, do not be. You've decided exactly right .. home will need a little more patience - perhaps with offspring, or with someone who is dependent on you. Do not loosen the limits that you set hard, but they have become accustomed concerned .. ;-)

Cancer (22.6-22.7.)

Dear gulls, with the arrival of spring, you should find a new target, hobby, or even partner. Just do not get bored and have a bit more proactive approach to life .. Material sphere indicates a period of more relaxed, everything is just right. If you continue to persevere and not give up something in front of goal, the reward will be yours. We get paid a saying about patience and roses, so to think .. In private disputes with something you should not bury our heads in the sand, because the only damaging to you and not solving anything. Believe that life is fair shows that God is not superstition mills ..

Lion (23.7 to 23.8).

Dear Lowchens, it would not have these days, nothing major wrong mood. You will do well in many ways, which enhances the desire to work with enthusiasm is linked to success. So such a pleasant cycle .. At work or apply the brakes finance their enthusiasm and desire. Once unáhlíte will not be going back. Impetuousness and large eyes are bad counselors .. Patience in relationships would you have to dress up these days. Believe me, no one goes against you, that friends and family are on your side. You need to let things calm explain; This is your only task ..

Virgin (8.24-9.23)

Precious Dolls, Spring you much joy early days probably do not want to indulge, but - it's about accessing and viewing angle. Be realistic. This is your biggest challenge. Do not be fooled by fancy word and offer, "can not refuse". If he comes with a calm heart .. Material decline sphere requires very careful planning. With the implementation of anything is good to wait until they clear all the possible consequences .. In private threatens chaos and confusion, where you do not have a clear set of values. Currently, it is necessary to follow him step by step. Otherwise you will loss of associate professor Chocholoušek ..

Balance (24.9-23.10)

Dear Libra, the essence of the success of these days will definitely team spirit. Once you connect with others, you will do well whatever you feel like. So no sólíčka but nicely side by side and hand in hand .. ;-) The funding šizunky beware of all kinds. Someone in your neighborhood needs to trap a bird, and it looks like you're a bit of a row. Well, maybe you have to "roast pigeon in his mouth" believe begun .. In private, it would be desirable to establish clearer rules and to require compliance. If someone refers to democracy, remind him that this is indeed about freedom, but x fifty fifty with responsibility ..

Scorpio (24.10-11.22)

Dear Scorpios, watch out for a skeleton of what it intends to ventilate the cabinet. Something the past You might recall at the least opportune moment. You better be on your toes .. At work forget some relief. However much you want something, you must do it, because it establishes a possible success. Banish laziness very vigorously, otherwise encounter .. If you have private dilemma and do not know how to decide about something, listen to your heart. Although the reason may rely entirely logical arguments, but we live only once, so it should be more about feeling and intuition. There are things that do not belong calculus ..

Sagittarius (11.23-21.12.)

Dear shooters these days, you can experience an unexpected turn with a beneficial effect. Can go basically about anything, what is needed fundamental change .. The material matters Decide by yourself and your abilities. Currently, you should make some very unwise decisions that will bear future profits. Previously, but rather to check everything, you are slightly at risk of illusion. Whether you surrender in the wrong place .. Privately necessarily you need to completely change their own approach to the environment. You are insufficiently tolerant and communicative. You still think that is a different view of the enemy. Why??..

Capricorn (12.22-1.20)

Dear Ibexes you should live happy days. Deservedly happy, no doubt about it! However - do not rest on your laurels, you're poised to do. Happiness around you is not obvious, it is still necessary to take care of them .. In finance there is a tendency to believe tempting offer. Attention! Everything is probably an illusion, and it is necessary to demonstrate to the counterparty that are no hlupci that still have a savvy .. Small snag Homes can show where you occupy the position of "possum". Finally, you should spend some truth popasovat honorably and small obstacle to overcome easily. Thanks to previous experience ..

Aquarius (1.21-2.19)

Dear Aquarius, somewhere you feel that if things "do not see" will disappear on their own. But it're wrong, this problem will not go away by himself. It helps when you remember what's your true happiness, the current difficulties will only trifles over which will also dismiss .. Due to poor decisions at work or around your finances at risk of loss. But the main focus when you point to the future and not the niggle in the past, everything you could quickly return to normal. The enemy shows laziness .. At home, you have to please all of your loved ones, family and friends. Do not avoid them, they need encouragement and simple presence ..

Fish (20.2-3.20)

Dear Fish, mind scrambles with feeling? Then apply for these days listen to sense. Love blossoms all around you, so why would not flourish as well? ;-) Tangible fish reserves is somewhat stable same moment is not going nor any mischief, nor any promotions and added nutrition. Provided, however, you do not wait! Because development shows the logical and expectable .. Privately will thrive much to those of you that you do not play anything, they only themselves and leave you nothing to talk about. Believe in yourself and the magic that you have no doubt. Well you! ..

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"We live in a special time when old and young are educated in a lie and one that dares to tell the truth, is called a madman or a fool .."

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