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Czech tourists return to Kos. Interest rises less well known Greek islands

Greece has long been a popular holiday destination Czechs. Otherwise it will not be this season. Although most tourists this year will go to famous centers, more and more travelers, according to research agency Invia interest in smaller and lesser-known Greek islands. Much more tourists to this issue on the island of Kos, also enjoys popularity Kefalonia and the island of Samos.

Increased interest in traveling to Greece is known across all tourist resorts. The highest share of sales tours take the same as last year, especially the larger islands typical excellent level of service for tourists. For example, on Crete this summer set off more than a quarter of the tourists who travel to Greece. "Traditionally very popular Rhodes is also where this is heading almost three times more Czech travelers. Rhodes then this holds even 21% share of the sales of all First minute trips to Greece, "said Michal Tůma (invite). Four most popular islands after concluding Corfu and Zakynthos.

A trend that can be for domestic tourists this season observe greater interest in lesser-known islands. For example, the island of Kefalonia you for your holiday elected to three times more people than last year. Interest on the lying island of Samos in the Aegean Sea is even more than five times. The biggest increase in demand compared to last season records Kos Island. The year elected six times more tourists. Kos returns among the popular tourist destinations.

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Exploring the history of the Greek island of Samos

The island of Samos was already in the period BC considered a bridge between Greece and the eastern states. In the period of ancient Greece and he was one of the most advanced centers in the Aegean region. And its rich history will attract even today. You can come across an ancient aqueduct, a temple dedicated to the goddess Hera Heraion or Pythagoreion referring to the world-famous mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, who was born here. However, the island also offers rich nature, various rock formations and plenty of greenery. Local sand and pebble beaches are considered among the most beautiful in all of Greece, Samos moreover, is only two kilometers from the Turkish coast. Within the holiday so you can easily travel into another country and experience, for example, swimming in the nearby Turkish resort of Kusadasi.

Kos inspires cyclists and fans of trips

Holiday on the island of Kos is ideal for biking or hiking. Namely flat island offers many adapted trails and paths that can be used for short walks and day hikes. Historically, the island is connected mainly with the name of a famous physician Hippocrates. His legacy reminiscent of a summer festival and memorable plane. The most important sights include the island after Johannite strength or unique ancient Asklepion hospital. Swimming in the sea can liven up a visit to the thermal springs, which are reminiscent of tectonic origin of the island, or an extinct volcano on the island of Nisyros.

Kefalonia offers adrenaline and beautiful panoramas

The island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea attracts mostly mountaineers and lovers of wildlife. There is a mountain because Mega Soros, who is with the height of over 1600 meters the highest peak around the Ionian islands. After a challenging hike to the top of the mountain awaits a breathtaking view over the entire island, but you can also stumble on a rare Kefalonian fir or a herd of wild horses. Among other interesting natural phenomena on the island include Dragon Cave decorated with colorful stalactites, Melisani lake or sea mills in Katavothres that belong to the world rarities. Contrast to the unbridled nature are then clean beaches, but also vast vineyards, which you will find on the island also.

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