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An extract of geranium turns with each viremia

The South African traditional medicine, it is known that an extract of geranium local treats only upper respiratory tract infection, but also other diseases of the throat, nose and ears. Because of these beneficial effects after preparation in great demand in Europe.

Decoctions and infusions from the roots of the South African geranium Pelargonium sidoides have an excellent reputation. They are highly prized by the indigenous people of South Africa for its effects in the treatment of respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal tract disorders, liver disorders and menstrual problems. Aboveground plant parts have found their use in wound healing.

exceptional extract

Healing effects of nutmeg rare we have several years available in our country in Europe. The extract of Pelargonium sidoides is an herbal medicine used most often problems with bronchitis (bronchitis). It can, but also other diseases of the upper respiratory tract. After drops or tablets with this extract hesitate to touch every time you experience:
Sore throat,
runny nose,

Most infections of the upper respiratory tract (about 90%) because it is caused by viruses. So your doctor will not prescribe antibiotics, namely that work only against bacteria. In the fight against viruses but can just help extract of geranium. The product is suitable to use since the first symptoms, the disease will disappear quickly and will also take place in a milder form.

Viruses no chance

Respiratory infections are most commonly caused by coxsackie viruses, parainfluenza, influenza (the flu), adenoviruses and rhinoviruses. In addition, the extract of Pelargonium sidoides geranium acts against viruses, we can also observe activity against certain bacteria (e.g. against those causing angina , pneumonia, abscesses or tuberculosis). In the treatment of respiratory infections and extract has remarkable immunomodulating capabilities (supports immune function). Defensive body cells and viruses easier to find and liquidate.

Author of the article: Ing. Mgr. Hana Horáková
Source: U lékař

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