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How to be immune to the malpractices of financial advisors

The unfair trade practices encountered in many fields. Notorious are the demonstrations, where sellers are trying to impose on the people overpriced goods of dubious quality. Negative reputation gained and itinerant intermediaries energy suppliers. A big chapter is also financial advice.

High commission for arranging life insurance is a strong attraction and a financial advisor text can be placed on virtually every card. Here are some tips on how to avoid dishonest advisers.

Beware of přepojišťování

Many unfair practices, financial advisers relates to life insurance. It should be noted that life insurance is a long-term product that is not concluded just a few years. Yet we see that the advisor recommend the client end his life insurance and arranges his new fuse. In this case we are talking about přepojišťování and client usually undergo. The new contract still will again be burdened by initial charges and termination of life insurance is necessary dodanit potential tax deductions. Additional taxation can be avoided if all funds from old a life insurance contract allowed the client to convert to a new contract.

The best advertisement is the recommendations from satisfied clients

The fact is that on a business card, anyone can write that it is a financial advisor. It's not like a tax advisor who have appropriate training and tests must be closed or insurance. Brokering financial products can be almost everyone. "It is advisable for people to orient the experience of their friends and acquaintances. Best image consultant's recommendations from satisfied clients, "says Miloslav Kufa, (Ramfin). "Our consultants undergo rigorous selection and pay attention to their highest skill level. Definitely not trying to play on the quantity and expand our network at any price, "says Miloslav Kufa that some firms, for example, staged in front of the university faculties literally hunts for students who are advising moonlighted.

There is no hurry

A common feature of unfair practices in all fields is an attempt to get a client or customer under pressure and not give him time to think. Vendors and brokers tend also training on how to get a man to where they want. Let therefore, after the submission of the contract sufficient time to think and definitely read the insurance conditions. Also to make that decision by only one offer and let us draw several competing proposals. In any case, do not sign on the first date. If you've already succumbed pojišťákovi and hastily negotiated životko you do not need, you should know that the insurance contract can be terminated within two months without a large financial loss.

Life insurance as a universal solution

Life Insurance Brokerage is a very interesting product, which is often the reason for the use of all sorts of absurd and sales arguments. "One of the great mistakes is to present life insurance as a savings product. In this context, we are talking about so-called missellingu, which is mediating inappropriate insurance products, which are especially attractive in terms of commission, "warns Michael Pokiser (Ramfin). The Czech National Bank has even some of the largest advisory networks fined for that investment life insurance as a savings offered. "In practice, we even had a desire to offer investment life insurance as an alternative to building savings. The argument was that the insurance contract can be selected after 2 years, while the stavebka up to six years, "he adds Pokiser that obviously can not prejudge the status of reserve making ingredient investment life insurance. Especially in the first years of the insurance contract is not even choose from.

Call to check their insurance policies

The best for the end. Some providers of financial products some time ago trying to reach clients proclaims the alleged authorization of the Czech Insurance Association to control insurance contracts. Similar practices have attempted to apply and representatives of energy suppliers. Such a process is already far beyond the edge of ethics and at least on the edge of the law. Again, if the client was approached by a complete stranger without references, should be vigilant and if necessary to verify everything Infoline's insurance company.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz, editorially modified

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