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France: Poachers broke into the zoo, shot Young white rhino and cut off his horn

Threat to rhino poachers are discharging only in African savannas and Asia, but now also in Europe. This case confirms that took place earlier this week at Parc zoologique de Thoiry in the western suburbs of Paris. Yet elusive group of poachers here during Monday night broke, shot a four year old male white rhino within the enclosure and corner him on the spot sawed off the chainsaw. Inform the server Independent.

As cruelly as in Thoiry the poachers are doing around the world for decades. Unusual design is not the way, but the crime scene. European zoo had yet raiding poaching gangs avoided. According to reports published in the newspaper Independent, the first animal sacrifice on our continent became a four-year male white rhino named Vince, one of 250 white rhinos, which have so far managed to breed in zoos. The zoo Thoiry while staying relatively short time. Specimen, which was born in 2012 in a Dutch zoo in Arnhem, I was taken until March 2015. On a trip to France then went iso year older male Bruno.

As he writes local daily newspaper Le Parisien, the fate of the rhino killed Vince very probably have to wait aforementioned Bruno and thirty-seven female rhino Corsets, who shared with him paddock. Poachers have but their "job" to be enough to finish. After fatally struck with a rhinoceros with three shots to the skull and chainsaw cut off his horn, were probably interrupted or speculate as French journalists, their equipment failed. Pila had remained in place, as well as a longer incision in a second, smaller rhino horn. The event, of course, raised a wave of support in a zoo Thoiry and resistance to all poachers. For other zoos in Europe, however, indicates the presence of a professional gang of poachers significant problem. Why?

Rhinos in European zoos gunmen guarding, as is the case in Africa. Theoretically, they are so easy to find those who are attracted by the price up to $ 60,000 per kilogram of rhino horn. Parc zoologique de Thoiry while safety is definitely a local standard underestimated: not missing security locks, video surveillance systems, night guard gardens. Additionally, directly in the lives of five employees.

Among the goals, which are already rhino horn traffickers in Europe focused, were also Czech castles and museums. In 2012 there was a theft, for example, at Buchlov Castle and the chateau in Napajedla. Offenders carried away among other corner and white rhino, which weighed 12.5 kilograms. Although they were later caught, their prey has failed to provide.


Author: Radomír Dohnal

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