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5 Tips for motorists who want to know what refueled

Quality fuel tanks? And how to avoid the service stations which may endanger the life of your engine or harm him immediately? Where diesel fuel without bio-components? In the foreseeable future the Czech stations appear E5, E10 B7 or need. What does it mean? Read 5 Tips on what to watch while refueling.

Tip no. 1: refuels fuel poor and not leave already?

Although the quality of fuel in the Czech Republic is generally at a high level, the Czech Trade Inspectorate (CTI) is constantly imposes fines for fuel whose characteristics comply with the standard. Pumping stations that did not comply with controls, can be found on the CTIA website. Natankováním fuel with slight deviations from the required quality in most cases there is no fatal damage to the engine and any problems subside after refueling corresponding fuel. Engine damage could cause to long refueling equally poor quality fuel. In the event of an immediate change in the behavior of the engine after refueling, however, the driver should immediately stop the vehicle, let it towed to a workshop and fuel reclaim. In the extreme case of strong contamination of the fuel with water or even in mixing of gasoline and diesel, the driver immediately knows.

Tip no. 2: Areal No one checks the pump!

In terms of quality are risky pumping station on the premises of various companies where they can often fuel tanked and employees with their coaches. These pumps and tanks are not subject to any operational control and quality of their content can be very doubtful. You can not know if there care to regular draining and cleaning of tanks, fuel acceptance and maintenance of all technology as much as with professional distributors. "Reputable network of petrol stations are unlike Range reservoirs sophisticated maintenance, control systems and services, and especially to be tested, whether they meet the standards," says Damir Durakovic (Axigon) adds: "Although inferior quality does not immediately show long refueling from questionable sources may in the future express the need of costly repairs. It is currently at risk of Area pumps, where nearly neprotočí such volume as the large network of filling stations. "

Tip no. 3: The new labeling and new fuel E10

This year we apparently waiting for news in the descriptions of the various types of fuel at petrol stations. Already with 95 octane sometimes referred to as E5. It's by 5% share of biofuels. In Germany and some other European countries, but you can meet with E10, which should occur in the coming years and the Czech Republic. It is a fuel with a 10% share of biofuels which is not designed engines of older vehicles. That in all not a consumer confusion, the European Commission issued already in the last year, the rule under which it will be used for uniform labeling of fuel across Europe. Each type of fuel will be marked by a certain geometrical figure. In gasoline fuels, it is a circle, square diesel, for gaseous square standing on top. Inside pattern is then a letter indicating the type of fuel and the number indicating the maximum percentage of bio-components or indication of the type of gas, such as CNG. Diesel therefore bear the designation of B7. Norma does not prohibit any other indication, so do not worry that the pump stands disappeared Natural 95, diesel and other marketing names premium fuels. Standardized labeling would help orient drivers in different fuel names across Europe.

Tip no. 4: Where to refuel diesel without bio-components?

Legislation obliges mixed into the entire annual volume of gasoline and diesel certain percentage of biofuels. Its adverse impact on, for example, clogging injectors producers are trying to eliminate various additives. On the Czech market, but can also be through obligatory share of diesel to refuel without biofuels. "A higher proportion of bio-components in fuels from other specific product range allows for a certain part of the production to be delivered without biofuels," explains Damir Durakovic. "For example, the network is available EuroOil hundred percent biodiesel and bioethanol E85, making it possible to offer conventional diesel entirely without biofuels."

Tip no. 5: What is the advantage of premium fuel?

Neither premium fuels contain bio-component. Feature in the menu of most renowned network of petrol stations. In addition to the absence of biofuels which has an adverse effect on the fuel properties and the status of certain parts of the engine, the standard premium fuel with additives. Contribution of additives is to improve the performance of fuel beyond the current technical standards. Premium gasoline and diesel due to cleaning ingredients additives remove carbon deposits and then keep clean valves, injectors and combustion chamber. Their contribution is also higher octane rating of gasoline or diesel fuel cetane number. Special lubricant additives also significantly reduce frictional losses.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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