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Eccentric Die Antwoord, another headliner Rock for People

Accompanies the reputation of the strangest and nejúchylnější bands present their music treated as shock therapy and speech in Prague last year was one of the fastest sold-out concerts of the year. Rock for People festival, which will take place July 4 to 6 in Hradec Kralove, confirmed as headliner of the first day of South African phenomenon Die Antwoord.

Trio Die Antwoord came from a suburban district outside the main cultural centers of Europe and America and its roots managed to transform into an international phenomenon: Yo-Landi Vi $$ er, sly challenging Barbies with strange appetites and unmistakable voice, Ninja, pokérovaný rapper with the visage guy who already he tried everything in life, and their sidekick GOD (formerly known as DJ Hi-Tek), tucked away at the counter as very sympathetic mask.

On account they have a total of four studio albums and thirteen videos, each of which involved a breach of taboo, which usually before the artist builds prudery, artistic traditions and conventions. And tens of millions of views. Die Antwoord have his directness and willingness to speak openly and without scruples where there is usually silent, gained millions of fans worldwide. The ability to provoke and harass can add humor to music punch and colored opulence also enormous energy and professionalism. "I can think of a few adjectives to the expected performance of Die Antwoord at Rock for People - crazy, bizarre, mileage, decadent, nonconformist, strange ... but certainly too great, unique and memorable," says editor and one of the founders RfP Michal Thomes. "The negotiations dragged on indefinitely, the band dealt with fairly complicated crossing to Spain, but it turned out well, so we look forward to possibly nejdivnějšího performer in the history of the festival."

Roots Die Antwoord (which in Afrikaans means response) is located in Cape Town, South Africa, in particular subculture ZEF, to-tail in its current musical offshoot of rave and hip hop. What is ZEF, as it put the finishing touches Die Antwoord and introduced the world to define later, Yo-Landi succinctly: "Zef means that you are of lean, but chic. You're not rich, but you're sexy and you've got style ... ".
Ninja, whose real name Watkin Tudor Jones, cruised the South African hip hop scene in a row now half-forgotten bands. "I hung around I was around, he was steeped in music and a variety of other performances, but I'm still waiting for the correct answer (Die Antwoord) ..." She eventually emerged: put together with Yo-Landi and producer DJ Hi-Teke and their debut $ O $ was the harbinger of an international phenomenon Die Antwoord. He finally started to track video Enter the Ninja, prepared in 2009 in collaboration with film director Robert Malpaga. Putting it on YouTube became a viral hit and catapulted the band into the limelight. Their fans have also become David Lynch, Neill Blomkamp and David Fincher. Incidentally views of this track is currently approaching 55 million ...

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