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Money. Playing a desire for happiness in Švandovo theater

When there is a shortage, people carry and unexpected things. Money. Game under this name are preparing Švandovo theater. According to the scenario Doda GOMBÁR it here directing Mikolas Tyc, will premiere on March 18 starting at 19 pm in the Great Hall.

Two losers determined to break the eternal bad luck (Jacob Erftemeijer and Tomas Červinek), age bumpy few buyers shoes at a wedding attended by peculiar salesgirl (Eva Josefíková, Robert Jaskowy and guest Ivana Krmíčková), cunning owner of the secondhand (Tomas Petrik), a member of a bank security guard, his too caring mother and his secret love (David Punčochář, visiting Daniel Baker and Andrea Buršová) and the former barber still facing execution Miško love, who now wins in the passage of the harmonica (Lubos Vesely). They all have to carry their stories, dreams and his solitude. And the money - and with them a bit of luck - would certainly welcome it. And so, one day, some of them decide that they will gain as much as you can ...

Text written out of joy

The game is based primarily on theater excellently written script, whose author is Gombár Dodo, a respected director and also the artistic director of the theater Švandovo. His Money text written as "theatrical stories which unexpectedly become the only game" originated seven long years. "The money I was writing different returning, I wrote very freely, anything and anyone not printed. It is simply written text from joy, "said Dodo Gombár.
"Money is a remarkable patchwork of images and situations that gradually expose the little stories of individual characters. With each scene but turning their perspective and then all the storylines intersect inexorably, "says dramaturge Martin Kinsky, who appreciates the game for her humor.

Actors as inspiration

"At work I have always been interested primarily actors. Their energy. Their approach and creativity, "says Mikolas Tyc, who at first ŠVANDA directing and staging occupied almost the entire theater troupe smíchovského. When their leadership then Mikolas Tyc fully applied his eye for detail, underscored the wit and ingenuity of the game, support the individuality of its heroes and decided at some moments to work with deliberate theft - performing actors and actresses of their roles in which after a while again return.
"Every character is somehow important to the game and in a way I like everyone. It's about as people in the tram - each has its own story, but ultimately we should all be a little pouch to look life in the face and admit that not so famous it is not. We know perhaps, the meaning of life - and he has the streetcar delays and the driver is obviously not your day? "Asks Mikolas Tyc. He worked among others. As artistic director of the association BURANTEATR and has made a number of successful directing in theaters in Brno, Pardubice, Uherske Hradiste, Liberec, Mlada Boleslav Czech Budejovice.

Live music and stories of urban passage

To collaborate on the production invited Mikolas Tyc good collaborators. Scenographer Karel Capek created an ingenious solution to the stage in the form of metal, "cottages" that are switched as needed in the household, a bank, a shoe store, and the passage in which gradually all the stories converge.

Costume designer Aneta Grňákovou inspired by real prototypes city of various types.

A musician Jiri Hajek, who Švandovo theater has collaborated on productions of Hedda Gabler or Frankenstein, again in the show also uses "live music" in the form of choral singing actors and performers tune accordion. Distinctive element of the production is also physical stylization: for it was this season for the second time (after the title It's directed by Victoria Čermákové) invited Halka's Třešňáková. It operates inter alia conscious demeanor actors and actresses from the "skin" of their heroes.

And what is the game Money for Lubos Vesely, representatives Miško Love? "It is about parallel worlds ... a wave of butterfly wings somewhere in the old Petrzalka ... a slap in the Danube ... about my inability ... of stupidity ... of godlessness," says Lubos Vesely, who is due to the introduction learned the accordion, play a few folk songs and a waltz.


Trapnosměšné stories that suddenly gather in one astonishing event.
World premiere March 18, 2017 at the Great Hall Švandovo theater in Smíchov, performances are scheduled for 20 and 29 March

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