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Top comics writer Karel Jerie exhibits at Galerie Portheimka

Top comics writer Karel Jerie exhibits at Galerie Portheimka "XL" - the title of a large retrospective exhibition of excellent comic book author and illustrator Karel Jerie: an exhibition organized by the artist's 40th birthday in Prague's Galerie Portheimka that begins on April 7, will be open until 7 May 2017.

The first time ever there will be exhibited together the artist's large-format canvases. And there will certainly be known for his excellent comic heroes - and mushroom pickers, dinosaurs, magic cleanup squad or hero Candide, whose stories written and drawn by Karel Jerie French satire enlightened Voltaire. Visitors to the exhibition can also actively participate and become co-creators of a comic drawing angel passes Smíchov, which is based on historical photographs Smíchov corners. Each visitor will have the opportunity to draw the exhibition of her guardian angel.

Angel as inspiration

The author's "XL" images measuring up to four meters twice is present now in the ground floor gallery Portheimka .
There's also awaits visitors unfinished comic story. Angel passing through Prague's Smíchov. "Whoever wants to, can illustrate Angel's story should give it a life of their own imagination," says Karel Jerie.

The first floor of the gallery visitors will wait for the original comic pages Karel Jerie as Candide, Czechs 1968 Green Wolf and others. "Compared to four-meter canvas I can act my comic images as thumbnails, but I am convinced that comic books are absolutely exceptional concentrate of emotion and energy. Comics has in itself just something you will not find in a book, film or images in computer games. On one show so visitors can see it the "biggest" and also the "smallest" of my work. What is really the biggest and smallest it depends on their assessment, "says Karel Jerie.

Together with selected cartoons will be exhibited in the gallery and period photographs of old Smíchov. Each of them must be original corner house At the Golden Angel, which was razed in 1980 during the construction of the Prague metro, repainted Jerie in comic form. "Two years ago Although I moved from Prague, but whenever I return here, it's just Smíchov, who welcomes me first. And Angel is like a gateway. Now angels in different forms are topics which were devoted in his work. At the exhibition are represented as angels in paintings and in comics, "explains the author.

Karel Jeri significant Czech cartoonist, but also devoted to painting and illustration. He is also the author of comic independent albums of 2007 Oedipus Rex and Cipher champion Hanka, which was created along with writer Tomas Hibi Matejicek. He collaborated on collections inseminator and O (un) dead just good. In 2006 he co-founded a civic association to promote comics SEQUENCE. Two years later he won first prize at the International comics festival in Lodz, Poland for comics Goodbye my love, dedicated to the history of Czech comics. In 2010 he published a book of his works - paintings and comics - called hunting season. He is a member of the Association of Fine Artists.

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